23 April 2018

In the Heart of the Sea (2015) part 2

a special collection of 240 unusual screenshots taken from
the Ron Howard movie

part [2/2]

Directed by:
Ron Howard

Written by:
Nathaniel Philbrick
Amanda Silver
Charles Leavitt

Main cast:
Chris Hemsworth - Owen Chase
Benjamin Walker - Captain George Pollard Jr.
Cillian Murphy - Matthew Joy
Tom Holland - young Thomas Nickerson
Brendan Gleeson - old Thomas Nickerson
Ben Whishaw - Herman Melville
Michelle Fairley - Mrs. Nickerson
Gary Beadle - William Bond
Frank Dillane - Owen Coffin
Edward Ashley - Barzallai Ray
Charlotte Riley - Peggy Gardner Chase
Donald Sumpter - Paul Macy
Brooke Dimmock - Phoebe Chase
Jamie Sives - Isaac Cole
Joseph Mawle - Benjamin Lawrence
Paul Anderson - Caleb Chappel
Luca Tosi - William Wright