29 September 2006

Verdict, The (1982)

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The Verdict (1982)

Directed by
Sidney Lumet

Paul Newman plays Frank Galvin, an alcoholic attorney who spends his days reading the obituaries and visiting funeral homes. He tries to convince the bereaved that he knew and was a friend of the deceased. He always remembers to leave his business card telling them to call if they need help. The rest of his day he spends playing pinball and drinking at various establishments around Boston.

One day out of pity his associate, Mickey Morrissey (Jack Warden), tosses Frank an open-and-shut case of medical malpractice. A doctor at the prestigious Catholic hospital gave his patient the wrong anesthetic, damaging her brain and putting her into a permanent coma. Since the church doesn't want a scandal, all Frank has to do is show up at the Archdiocese and accept a check, and he goes there fully intending to do just that. But, when the bishop offers Frank a check for $210,000, one-third of which will be his, he suddenly develops a conscience. His client has become a real person to him. Frank is going to try this case and let the jury decide.

Everybody is against Frank taking this to trial. Mickey, the client's relatives, and even the presiding judge in chambers tells Frank to accept the settlement. But this has become more than a simple case to Frank - he has hung his self-esteem on the outcome and there is no turning back. Besides, he has a witness - a prominent anesthesiologist who is willing to testify on his behalf.

Feeling good with himself, Frank tries to get lucky and succeeds. Laura Fischer (Charlotte Rampling), a new girl in town, likes Old Bushmills and apparently hasn't heard of Frank's losing reputation. She goes home with him.

The opposing counsel is formidable, headed up by a high powered lawyer named Concannon (James Mason) whom Mickey refers to as the "Prince of Darkness." Concannon is going to bring all his guns to bear at the problem at hand. We see him planning strategy with his battery of associates; teaching a witness the right things to say in his testimony; Concannon has even planted a spy in Galvin's camp... Yes, the defense is ready and eager to go to trial. [source: epinions.com]


Paul Newman .... Frank Galvin

Charlotte Rampling .... Laura Fischer

Jack Warden .... Mickey Morrissey

James Mason .... Ed Concannon
Milo O'Shea .... Judge Hoyle
Lindsay Crouse .... Kaitlin Costello
Ed Binns .... Bishop Brophy (as Edward Binns)
Julie Bovasso .... Maureen Rooney

Roxanne Hart .... Sally Doneghy

James Handy .... Kevin Doneghy
Wesley Addy .... Dr. Towler
Joe Seneca .... Dr. Thompson
Lewis J. Stadlen .... Dr. Gruber (as Lewis Stadlen)
Kent Broadhurst .... Joseph Alito

Colin Stinton .... Billy
Burtt Harris .... Jimmy, the Bartender
Scott Rhyne .... Young Priest
Susan Benenson .... Deborah Ann Kaye
Evelyn Moore .... Dr. Gruber's Nurse
Juanita Fleming .... Dr. Gruber's Maid
Jack Collard .... Bailiff
Ralph Douglas .... Clerk
Gregor Roy .... Jury Foreman
John Blood .... Funeral Director
Dick McGoldrick .... Manager/2nd Funeral Parlor
Edward Mason .... Widow's Son
Patty O'Brien .... Irish Nurse #1
Maggie Task .... Irish Nurse #2
Joseph Bergmann .... Friedman
Herbert Rubens .... Abrams
J.P. Foley .... John, Cigar Stand
Leib Lensky .... Wheelchair Patient
H. Clay Dear .... Courthouse Lawyer (as Clay Dear)
J.J. Clark .... Courthouse Guard
Gregory Doucette .... Sheraton Bar Waiter (as Greg Doucette)
Tony La Fortezza .... Sheraton Bartender
Marvin Beck .... Sheraton Bar Patron
Herb Peterson .... Sheraton Bar Patron
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kevin Fennessy .... Funeral Mourner (uncredited)

Bruce Willis .... Courtroom Observer (uncredited)