29 September 2006

Uprising (2001)

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Uprising (2001)

They did the one thing the Nazis never expected. They fought back.

Directed by
Jon Avnet

Plot Outline:
Using radically refashioned archival footage of the Warsaw ghetto, this interview with Jon Avnet the director of Uprising talks about Marek Edelman who is an evocative memoir of his role in the rebellion that held back the Nazis for almost a month in 1943. The film begins with the growing list of prohibitions and regulations leading to the virtual imprisonment of about half-a-million Polish Jews in an old slum district of Warsaw with inadequate space and plumbing. An overhead tracking shot shows the number of people assembled in the first months of the relocation. The daily struggle against hunger and disease, especially among the dispossessed arrivals seen in their pitful rags, is aggravated by the German demands for "deportations to the east" that many begin to suspect are camouflaged mass murders. By the close of 1942, people living in the ghetto realize they are doomed, and the rudiments of resistance are planned by a handful of the young, including Edelman. Following some sporadic, spontaneous fighting at the ghetto railhead, the Umschlagplatz, in January, led by Moredecai Anielewicz, the scene is set for the more famous and prolonged battle that will begin on 19 April 1943. In the intervening time, many of the ghetto residents construct hidden shelters or bunkers in the basements and cellars of the buildings, often with tunnels leading to other buildings. The handful of fighters who have weapons take to these shelters, giving the uprising the advantage of defensive positions. [Summary by Leonard Rubenstein]


Leelee Sobieski .... Tosia Altman

Hank Azaria .... Mordechai Anielewicz

David Schwimmer .... Yitzhak 'Antek' Zuckerman

Jon Voight .... Maj. Gen. Jurgen Stroop

Donald Sutherland .... Adam Czerniakow

Stephen Moyer .... Simha 'Kazik' Rotem

Sadie Frost .... Zivia Lubetkin

Radha Mitchell .... Mira Fuchrer

Mili Avital .... Devorah Baron

Eric Lively .... Arie Wilner

Alexandra Holden .... Frania Beatus

John Ales .... Marek Edelman

Andy Nyman .... Calel Wasser
Nora Brickman .... Clara Linder

Jesper Christensen .... Gen. Kruger

Cary Elwes .... Dr. Fritz Hippler
Palle Granditsky .... Dr. Janusz Korczak

Luke Mably .... Zachariah Artenstein
Nadiv Molcho .... Isaac Linder
Zuzana Barutova

Marian Amsler

Peter Rasez

Ben Crystal .... Julian Wald
Andrej Hryc
(as Andy Hryc)
Brigitte Antonius

Itzhak Finzi

Gerd Bockmann

Brigitte Karner

Daniel Hill .... Mr. Linder
Silvana Veit

Iddo Goldberg .... Zygmundt Frydrych
Dietrich Hollinderbäumer

Jan Kolenik

Miguel Herz-Kestranek

Konstanze Breitebner

Martin Mnahoncak

Juraj Rasla

Zoltán Gera

Tomas Mastalir

Alexander Strobele

Marcel Ochranek

Ella Jones

Michael Mehlmann
(as Michael Mehlman)
Marko Igonda

Andreas Patton

Martin Brambach

Joszef Csaljik

Monika Hilmerová

Eva Mária Chalupová

Wenanty Nosul

Michael Aichhorn

Sarabeth Tucek

Vlado Durdík
(as Vladimir Durdik)
Liam McKenna

Shane Connaughton

Rainer Frieb

Jan Fellmayer

Anton Lesser

Andreas Lust

Katharina Conwell

Benjamin Ziak

Nadja Krawetz

Tanja Krawetz

Martin Hronsky

Götz Spielmann

Veronica De Laurentiis

Marek Vasut

Georg Friedrich

Peter Dudas

Peter Faerber

Jamie Schock

Peter Vagac

Tomas Sotak

Ralph Turnheim

Hannes Gastinger

Jaroslav Mendel

Matej Landl

Vladimir Oktavec

Florentín Groll

Hanah Cunderlikova

Christoph Künzler

rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Claus Homschak

Tom Keller

Pavel Landovský

Nicholas Ofczarek