27 September 2006

Two Moon Junction (1988)

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Two Moon Junction (1988)

  • Uncontrollable Passion. Undeniable Heat.
  • Into her perfect life, comes a perfect stranger, until nothing is perfect anymore.
  • The Crossroads of Destiny & Desire.
  • Let your body move your mind.
Directed by
Zalman King

Plot Outline:
April Delongpre (Sherilyn Fenn) is the daughter of a powerful senator and heiress to an old and respectable Southern family. April is engaged to marry the granite-handsome Chad Douglas Fairchild (Martin Hewitt) within a few days. But Chad has gone to Tuscaloosa to sign papers for their condo and the rest of the family has headed off to the lake, leaving April in the house alone with nothing to do except take long and languid showers--until she sets her eyes on the pecs of carnival roustabout Perry (Richard Tyson). Soon the two are making tasteful love in every nook and cranny of April's mansion. Unfortunately for the two sexual athletes, April's grandmother (Louise Fletcher) has assigned the local sheriff (Burl Ives) to keep an eye on her. And an eye on her he keeps, so that during the wedding ceremony, he has quite a story to tell. [Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide]


Sherilyn Fenn .... April Delongpre

Richard Tyson .... Perry
Louise Fletcher .... Belle Delongpre

Burl Ives .... Sheriff Earl Hawkins
Kristy McNichol .... Patti Jean
Martin Hewitt .... Chad Douglas Fairchild
Juanita Moore .... Delilah
Don Galloway .... Senator Delongpre
Millie Perkins .... Mrs. Delongpre

Milla Jovovich .... Samantha Delongpre (as Milla)
Nicole Rosselle .... Jody Delongpre
Kerry Remsen .... Carolee

Hervé Villechaize .... Smiley
Dabbs Greer .... Kyle
Chris Pedersen .... Speed
Harry Cohn .... Buck
Brad Logan .... Carny Vendor
Lisa Peders .... Teenage Girl #1
James Johnson .... Deputy
Luisa Leschin .... Motel Maid #1

Nancy Fish .... College Ball M.C.
Sharon Madden .... Caterer
Robert S. Telford .... Jimmy, the Gardener
Screamin' Jay Hawkins .... Blues Club Singer