27 September 2006

Twilight (1998)

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Twilight (1998)

Some people can buy their way out of anything. Except the past.

Directed by
Robert Benton

Plot Summary:
Paul Newman plays Harry Ross, an ex-cop turned ex-private investigator turned alcoholic. He's in the twilight of his life, looking back on the wreckage of an existence that he's not especially proud of. "When I started out," he remarks, "I had a wife and daughter. Now, I'm a drunk." Harry lives with his good friends, the actor/actress couple of Jack and Catherine Ames (Hackman and Sarandon). In return for their hospitality, he does an occasional odd job for them. His latest errand lands him in hot water. What is supposed to be a routine transfer of a sealed manila envelope puts Harry on the wrong end of a gun wielded by another ex-cop (M. Emmet Walsh) -- only this guy has blood leaking from several bullet holes in his body. Unsurprisingly, Harry soon finds himself involved in a web of intrigue that involves murder, blackmail, and a secret buried 20 years in the past. Meanwhile, he learns that Jack is dying of cancer and Catherine is all-too-willing to have an affair if that's what Harry wants. [source: James Berardinelli, Reelviews.net]


Paul Newman .... Harry Ross

Susan Sarandon .... Catherine Ames

Gene Hackman .... Jack Ames

Reese Witherspoon .... Mel Ames

Stockard Channing .... Lt. Verna Hollander

James Garner .... Raymond Hope

Giancarlo Esposito .... Reuben Escobar

Liev Schreiber .... Jeff Willis
Margo Martindale .... Gloria Lamar

John Spencer .... Capt. Phil Egan

M. Emmet Walsh .... Lester Ivar

Peter Gregory .... Verna's Partner
Rene Mujica .... Mexican Bartender
Jason Clarke .... Young Cop #1

Patrick Malone .... Younger Cop (as Patrick Y. Malone)
Lewis Arquette .... Water Pistol Man
Michael Brockman .... Garvey's Bartender

April Grace .... Police Stenographer

Clint Howard .... EMS Worker
John Cappon .... Paramedic (as John J. Cappon)
Neil Mather .... Young Cop #2
Ron Sanchez .... Crime Scene Detective (as Ronald C. Sanchez)
Jack Wallace .... Interrogation Officer
Jeff Joy .... Carl

Jonathan Scarfe .... Cop
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Stephanie Beaton .... Beth Koski (uncredited)
Ron von Gober .... Man Walking Down the Street with Boy (uncredited)