27 September 2006

Truly Madly Deeply (1991)

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Truly Madly Deeply (1991)

Directed by
Anthony Minghella

Plot outline:
Death can be a hard thing to face, and surviving a loved one is particularly difficult, especially if the death is unexpected. This is what faces Nina (Juliet Stevenson) in the first feature film from Anthony Minghella (The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley). Nina is a language instructor grieving the loss of her husband, Jamie (Alan Rickman). She is surrounded by caring family, coworkers, neighbours and handymen, and also sees a therapist to help deal with her grief. When it seems that Nina can’t take it any more, Jamie reappears as suddenly as he died and settles back into her life and her house. Making himself at home, he invites over his friends (all dead of course) to watch videos and enlists their help in rearranging the furniture. Outside the house, Nina’s life continues moving forward and soon she finds she is stretched between the present and the past. [source: Cheryl DeWolfe, apolloguide.com]

Juliet Stevenson .... Nina
Jenny Howe .... Burge
Carolyn Choa .... Translator
Bill Paterson .... Sandy
Christopher Rozycki .... Titus
Keith Bartlett .... Plumber
David Ryall .... George
Stella Maris .... Maura
Ian Hawkes .... Harry
Deborah Findlay .... Claire

Alan Rickman .... Jamie
Vania Vilers .... Frenchman
Arturo Venegas .... Roberto
Richard Syms .... Symonds
Michael Maloney .... Mark
Mark Long .... Isaac
Teddy Kempner .... Freddie
Graeme Du-Fresne .... Pierre
Frank Baker .... Bruno
Tony Bluto .... Anthony
Awam Amkpa .... Ghost
Hamilton Baillie .... Ghost
Nick Burge .... Ghost
Steven Deproost .... Ghost
Nitin Ganatra .... Ghost (as Nitin Genatra)
Leroy Joseph .... Ghost
Jonathan Lunn .... Ghost
Eddie Vincent .... Ghost
Tom Yang .... Ghost
Heather Williams .... Midwife
Henry James .... Maura's Baby