24 September 2006

Touch (1997)

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Touch (1997)

Tagline: Everyone wants a piece of the action.

Directed by
Paul Schrader

Plot outline:
Based on a novel by Elmore Leonard, TOUCH chronicles a young former Franciscan monk's return to Los Angeles following years spent in a remote jungle monastery. Charlie Lawson--or Juvenal (Skeet Ulrich), as he is known--takes a job in a rehab center, where he discovers stigmata on his palms and a gift for healing when he restores a blind woman's sight. As word of his miracles gets out, con man Bill Hill (Christopher Walken) sees money in these divine occurrences and sends promoter pal Lynn Faulkner (Bridget Fonda) to infiltrate Juvenal's world and find out if he's authentic. In true farcical style, she falls for him in the process. What follows are many slightly zany attempts to capture Juvenal and his powers by a religious zealot and two sharklike reporters. [source: celebritywonder.com]


LL Cool J .... Himself

Gina Gershon .... Debra Lusanne
Conchata Ferrell .... Virginia Worrel

John Doe .... Elwin Worrel

Christopher Walken .... Bill Hill

Skeet Ulrich .... Juvenal aka Charlie Lawson
MarĂ­a Celedonio .... Alisha

Chris Hogan .... Scruffy Staff Worker
Anthony Zerbe .... Father Donahue

Bridget Fonda .... Lynn Marie Faulkner
William Newman .... Court Clerk

Tom Arnold .... August Murray

Breckin Meyer .... Greg Czarnicki

Matt O'Toole .... Bailiff

Richard Fancy .... Judge
Tamlyn Tomita .... Prosecutor
Don Novello .... Father Navaroli

Mason Adams .... Father Nestor

Richard Schiff .... Jerry
O-Lan Jones .... Bib Overalls
Brent Hinkley .... Arnold
Paul Mazursky .... Artie

Janeane Garofalo .... Kathy Worthington
Diana Georger .... Song Leader
Theo Greenly .... Richie Baker

Lolita Davidovich .... Antoinette Baker
Richard E. Coe .... Roman Governor (as Richard Coe)
Julie Condra .... Shelly
John Gay .... Palsied Man
Missy Hargraves .... Waitress
Casey Gray .... Stripper

Kate Williamson .... Edith
Dennis Burkley .... Hillbilly