24 September 2006

Throw Momma from the Train (1987)

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Throw Momma from the Train (1987)

Directed by
Danny DeVito

Plot description:
The "exchange murders" plot gambit, played with utter solemnity in Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, is used as the launching pad for raucous laughter in Throw Momma From the Train. Director/star Danny DeVito plays Owen Lift, a middle-aged bachelor, totally dominated by his gorgon mother, played with hilarious ferocity by Anne Ramsey. Billy Crystal co-stars as Larry Donner, a creative-writing professor, saddled with a vituperative, thoroughly despicable ex-wife, Margaret (Kate Mulgrew). Signing up for Larry's writing course, Owen has trouble at first with character development and construction in his stories. Larry recommends that Owen watch a screening of Strangers on a Train, which he considered a model of tight, concise storytelling. Owen is so entranced by the film that he decides to emulate Strangers star Robert Walker. That is, Owen wants Larry to bump off his mother, in exchange for Owen's murder of Margaret. Without being asked, Owen does away with Margaret (or so it seems), then hounds Larry to the point of killing "Momma." [source: janet maslin, nytimes.com]


Danny DeVito .... Owen/Ned 'Little Ned' Lift

Billy Crystal .... Larry Donner

Kim Greist .... Beth Ryan
Anne Ramsey .... Mrs. Lift

Kate Mulgrew .... Margaret Donner
Branford Marsalis .... Lester

Rob Reiner .... Joel
Bruce Kirby .... Detective DeBenedetto
Joey DePinto .... Police Sergeant
Annie Ross .... Mrs. Hazeltine, Creative Writing Student
Raye Birk .... Mr. Pinsky, Creative Writing Student

Oprah Winfrey .... Herself
Olivia Brown .... Ms. Gladstone, Lester's Girlfriend
Philip Perlman .... Phil Perlman, Creative Writing Student
Stu Silver .... Ramon
J. Alan Thomas .... Millington

Randall Miller .... Bucky
Andre Rosey Brown .... Rosey (as Andre 'Rosey' Brown)
Tony Ciccone .... Mr. Lopez, Margaret's Gardener
William Ray Watson .... Steward on Cruise Ship
Larry McCormick .... Announcer
Peter Brocco .... Old Man in Hospital
Hettie Lynne Hurtes .... Reporter
Karen J. Westerfield .... Laughing Woman
Stanley L. Gonsales .... Cab Driver
Fred Gephart .... Priest
Don Burns .... Radio DJ
Billy Childs .... Jazz Band
Ralph Penland .... Jazz Band
Tony Dumas .... Jazz Band