20 September 2006

Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000)

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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000)

Also Known As:
  • Cosas Que Diría Con Sólo Mirarla
  • Con Tan Solo Mirarla
  • Ce Que Je Sais d'Elle
  • Julmia Totuuksia

Directed by

Rodrigo García

  • A man only sees what a woman wants him to know.
  • Seeing is deceiving.

Plot Synopsis: An anthology of five loosely connected stories dealing with a variety of very different women in dealing with their own life problems. The first story "This is Dr. Keener" features Glenn Close as a doctor looking after her invalid mother who comes to realize that her own life is passing her by. The second story "Fantasies About Rebecca" features Holly Hunter as a wealthy bank manager who doesn't realize that her own life is a sham in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, a workaholic boyfriend, and an observant street woman who knows more about Rebecca than she herself does. The third, "Someone For Rose" features Kathy Baker as a single mother who debates with herself over starting a romance with a dwarf who moves into the house across her street. The fourth, "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine" features Calista Flockhart as Christine, a tarot reader who struggles with increasing grief and depression while taking care of her lesbian lover Lilly who's dying from cancer. The fifth, "Love Waits for Kathy" features Amy Brenneman as a police detective who examines her loneliness after her blind sister Carol begins dating while Kathy is on a case of investigating the suicide of an old school friend who was just as lonely as she.


Glenn Close .... Dr. Elaine Keener (segments "This is Dr. Keener" and "Fantasies about Rebecca")

Cameron Diaz .... Carol Faber (segment "Love Waits For Kathy")

Calista Flockhart .... Christine Taylor (segments "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine" and "This is Dr. Keener")

Kathy Baker .... Rose (segments "Someone For Rose" and "Fantasies about Rebecca")

Amy Brenneman .... Detective Kathy Faber (segment "Love Waits For Kathy")

Valeria Golino .... Lilly (segment "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine")

Holly Hunter .... Rebecca (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca")

Matt Craven .... Walter (segments "Fantasies About Rebecca" and "Love Waits For Kathy")

Gregory Hines .... Robert (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca")

Miguel Sandoval .... Sam (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca")

Noah Fleiss .... Jay (segment "Someone For Rose")
Danny Woodburn .... Albert (segments "Someone For Rose" and "Love Waits For Kathy")
Penelope Allen .... Nancy (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca") (as Penny Allen)

Roma Maffia .... Debbie (segment "Love Waits For Kathy")
Elpidia Carrillo .... Carmen Alba (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"

Mika Boorem .... June (segments "Love Waits For Kathy" and "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine")
Irma St. Paule .... Elaine's Mother (segment "This is Dr. Keener")
Juanita Jennings .... Nurse (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca")

Laura Leigh Hughes .... Receptionist (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca")
Erik King .... Police Officer (segment "Love Waits For Kathy")
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Yolanda Arroyo .... Angelica

Jacob Avnet .... Jay's School Friend (segment "Someone For Rose") (uncredited)