19 September 2006

Temp, The (1993)

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Plot synopsis:
Peter Derns (Timothy Hutton) works as a marketing executive for the Mrs. Appleby cookie company. The environment is highly competitive, especially since Appleby was recently acquired by another company, constantly referred to as "the boys in New York." When Peter's regular assistant takes leave to be with his wife during childbirth, Kris Bolin (Twin Peaks alum Lara Flynn Boyle) arrives to save the day. Not only does she finish the all-important report due by noon, but she also reorganizes Peter's entire life in the space of a week.

Kris decides she likes working for Peter so much that when the regular assistant returns to work, she arranges an "accident" involving a paper shredder. Personally, we're the types to check the power eight times before sticking our hands into something with that much destructive potential, but there it is. A whirring sound, a spray of blood, an agonized cry, and Kris is sitting pretty in Peter's office again. She even sends the poor cad a sympathy card.

Unfortunately for Peter, Kris doesn't stop there. She has found that she likes being upwardly mobile, and so the company undergoes a colossal series of accidents and firings as Kris works her way to the top, trying to seduce Peter along the way. Peter, who is just exiting therapy for acute paranoia, doesn't know whether he imagines that Kris is engineering these events, or if she's really responsible. What he does know is that she's not making it any easier for him to reach a reconciliation with his estranged wife. [source: stomptokyo.com]

Also Known As:
  • Ambição Fatal
  • Ambição Sem Limites
  • Ambición fatal
  • Die Aushilfe
  • Farlig karriere
  • L'ambitieuse
  • La suplente
  • Maledetta ambizione
  • Meurtre par intérim
  • Pudotuspeli
  • Tom Holland
  • Kevin Falls
  • Tom Engelman
Timothy Hutton ... Peter Derns
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Kris Bolin
Dwight Schultz ... Roger Jasser
Oliver Platt ... Jack Hartsell
Steven Weber ... Brad Montroe
Colleen Flynn ... Sara Meinhold
Faye Dunaway ... Charlene Towne
Scott Coffey ... Lance
Dakin Matthews ... Dr. Feldman
Maura Tierney ... Sharon Derns
Lin Shaye ... Rosemary
Michael Winters ... Mercer
Daniel C. Swanson ... Nathan Derns
Demene E. Hall ... Marla Higgins
Jesse Vint ... Larry
Gary Rooney ... Bouncer
Bill Johns ... Waiter
Don Alder ... Office Security Guard
Betsy Toll ... Test Lady
Mary Marsh ... Shopper
J.W. Crawford ... Researcher
Billy Koch ... Juice Bartender
Ralph van Hollebeke ... Mr. Henderson
Moultrie Patten ... Wait
William Earl Ray ... Man in Bar
Josh Holland ... Gary
Russ Fast ... Cop
Shanti Kahn ... Redmont Secretary #1
Elizabeth Richard ... Redmont Secretary #2
Ralph Archenhold ... Samaritan
Glenn Mazen ... Minister
Adrian LaTourelle ... Intern
Lars Wanberg ... Lobby Security Guard
Betty Moyer ... Receptionist
Rob LaBelle ... Bill Lives
Kirk Nieland ... Steele
John Raymond Brannen ... 'New' Lobby Security Guard
Mary Starrett ... TV Newscaster
Jim Bosley ... TV Newscaster
Craig Hosking ... Helicopter Pilot
Rod Pitman ... Executive