16 September 2006

Swingers (1996)

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Swingers (1996)

Directed by
Doug Liman

Plot synopsis:
Swingers is about a loosely knit group of friends who hang out in Hollywood and hope to make it big in the entertainment industry. "The hottest 1 percent of guys from all over the world come to our gene pool,'' they assure one another, although that gives them better prospects for reproduction than success. One of the guys, named Trent (Vince Vaughn), uses the word "money'' as an adjective: "That's really money. They'll see how money you are.'' This is inspired, since in Hollywood absolutely everything comes down to money. Intelligence, beauty, talent and fame go through a kind of universal currency exchange, and come out converted into money, less 15 percent.

The film's hero is Mike (Jon Favreau), who wants to be a stand-up comic but has no job prospects. A friend is weighing an offer to play Goofy at Disneyland ("Hey, at least it's Disney,'' Trent observes). Mike mopes about Michelle, the girlfriend he left behind back East, and Trent spends long hours with him in the coffee shop of a Best Western, advising him that you cannot get a woman to come back unless you're willing to forget her, after which, of course, you don't care if she comes back.

The movie follows Mike, Trent and a shifting cast of friends through several days, during which they drive through the Hollywood Hills looking for parties at which Trent promises there will be lots of "honey babies'' to pick up. They spend a lot of time playing an advanced version of video hockey. They go looking for hot clubs ("All the cool bars in Hollywood have to be real hard to find and have no signs''). They try to pick up girls (Mike claims he's in show biz, but the woman remembers seeing him in Starbucks, picking up an employment application). In the middle of his angst, Mike more or less shuts down, cowering in his half-furnished apartment. Trent blasts him out with a midnight drive to Las Vegas, where Mike has difficulty finding conversation openers (it doesn't help to drop insights about the Age of Enlightenment). Amazingly, they pick up a couple of waitresses, who take them home (an Airstream trailer), where of course Mike blubbers about his former girlfriend. [source: rogerebert.com]


Jon Favreau .... Mike Peters

Vince Vaughn .... Trent Walker

Ron Livingston .... Rob
Patrick Van Horn .... Sue

Alex D├ęsert .... Charles (as Alex Desert)

Heather Graham .... Lorraine
Deena Martin .... Christy

Katherine Kendall .... Lisa

Brooke Langton .... Nikki

Blake Lindsley .... Girl with Cigar
Kevin James Kelly .... Vegas Dealer
Stephanie Ittelson .... Vegas Waitress
Vernon Vaughn .... $100 Gambler
Joan Favreau .... $5 Winner
Rio Hackford .... Skully
Caitlyn Tyler Cole .... Girl at Party

Maddie Corman .... Peek-a-Boo Girl
Marty Roberts .... Dresden Lounge Act (as Marty and Elayne)
Elayne Roberts .... Dresden Lounge Act (as Marty and Elayne)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy .... Derby Band
Sheri Rosenblum .... $100 Gambler
Stasea Rosenblum .... $100 Gambler

Pamela Shaw .... $5 Gambler
Tom Alley .... Pit Boss
Reverend Phil Dixon .... Lounge Lizard
Ashley M. Rogers .... Bartender
Jay Diola .... Skully's Crew
Nicholas Gagliarducci .... Skully's Crew
David Gould .... Skully's Crew
Bill Phillips .... Skully's Crew
Mensur Hamud .... Pink Dot Guy

Ahmed Ahmed .... Party Mystery Guy
Eufemia Plimpton .... Derby Lady
Melinda Starr .... Derby Lady

Samantha Lemole .... Dresden Lady
Jessica Buchman .... Dresden Lady
Caroline O'Meara .... Diner Waitress
Gary Rurback .... Derby Doorman
Brad Halvorson .... Derby Doorman
Christopher B. Joyce .... Diner Patron
Edward Rissien .... Diner Patron
Jenna Rissien .... Diner Patron
Mark Smith .... Diner Patron
John Abraham .... Derby Dancer
Rachael Lin Gallaghan .... Derby Dancer
Lisa Guerriero .... Derby Dancer
Thomas Hall .... Derby Dancer
Damiana Kamishin .... Derby Dancer
Curtis Lindersmith .... Derby Dancer
Jennifer Lucero .... Derby Dancer
Pinki Marsolek .... Derby Dancer
Rhonda Martin .... Derby Dancer
Martina Migenes .... Derby Dancer
Paul Mojica .... Derby Dancer
Sam Mollo .... Derby Dancer
Jacob Morris .... Derby Dancer
Michael Scott .... Derby Dancer
Bernard Serrano .... Derby Dancer
Rosalind Smith .... Derby Dancer
Molly Stern .... Derby Dancer
Johnny Walker .... Derby Dancer
Lisa Wolstein .... Derby Dancer
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tiffany Kuzon .... Michelle in Pictures (uncredited)
Nicole LaLoggia .... Michelle on Phone (voice) (uncredited)
Spyder O'Cleary .... Derby Patron (uncredited)
Steve J. Termath .... Derby Patron (uncredited)
Blake Tierney .... Bartender (uncredited)