15 September 2006

Substitute, The (1996)

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The Substitute (1996)

  • He has a lesson to teach. And nobody's going to have a problem with it.
  • The most dangerous thing about school used to be the students.

Directed by
Robert Mandel

Plot Synopsis: After a botched mission in Cuba, professional mercenary Shale and his crew Joey Six, Hollan, Rem, and Wellman head home to Miami, Florida, where Shale is reunited with his fiance Jane Hetzko, who is a history teacher at Columbus High School in Miami. Some of Jane's students happen to be members of a street gang known as the "Kings of Destruction" (KOD), led by Juan Lacas, who has been terrorizing Jane. After Jane's kneecap is broken by a big seminole named Bull, she tells Shale that she believes Lacas ordered the attack, so Shale goes undercover as Jane's substitute, and initially, Jane has no idea that Shale is doing this. At the school, Shale meets principal Claude Rolle, librarian Hannah Dillon, and english and drama teacher Darrell Sherman. It turns out that Lacas is one of Jane's students. As Shale investigates the attack on Jane, he discovers that drugs are being circulated into the school. Shale even investigates local drug kingpin Johnny Glades, who may or may not have someone inside the school distributing the drugs for him. Lives are threatened as Shale investigates and sets out to clean up the crime infested school.


Tom Berenger .... Jonathan Shale

Raymond Cruz .... Joey Six

William Forsythe .... Hollan

Luis Guzmán .... Rem

Richard Brooks .... Wellman
Ana Azcuy .... TV Announcer

Diane Venora .... Jane Hetzko

Glenn Plummer .... Mr. Darrell Sherman
Sharron Corley .... Jerome Brown

Vincent Laresca .... Rodriguez
Maurice Compte .... Tay

Marc Anthony .... Juan Lacas

Ernie Hudson .... Principal Claude Rolle
Beau Weaver .... Janus Showreel Narrator

Cliff De Young .... Matt Wolfson
Willis Sparks .... John Janus

Noelle Beck .... Deidre Lane
Jim Warne .... Bull
Jody Wilson .... Mrs. Andrewson
Ian Marioles .... KOD Punk
María Celedonio .... Lisa Rodriguez

David Spates .... Michael Davis
David Hayes .... Frank Davis

Peggy Pope .... Hannah Dillon
Nidia Alvarez .... Student
Melissa Martinez .... Student
Claudia Silva .... Student
Enrique Cruz .... Student
David Díaz .... Student
Lázaro Gómez .... Student
Travis Patterson .... Student
Simon Ricky .... Student
Mercedes Enriquez .... High School Nurse
Artie Malesci .... Marvin
Rodney A. Grant .... Johnny Glades
Steve DuMouchel .... Buyer
Gustavo Laborie .... Drug Carrier
Juan F. Cejas .... Thug
Dwight Lauderdale .... Dwight Lauderdale
Margo Peace .... Mrs. Rolle
Willmer Padilla .... Burgler
Marta Velasco .... Rolle's Secretary

Mike Benitez .... Chemistry Teacher
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bryan Friday .... SWAT Team Member (uncredited)

Frank Silva .... Extra (uncredited)