15 September 2006

Striking Distance (1993)

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Striking Distance (1993)

They shouldn't have put him in the water, if they didn't want him to make waves.

Directed by
Rowdy Herrington

Plot outline:
Tom Hardy comes from a family of cops and has just broken the cardinal rule--never speak out against another cop, which he did. Which now makes him persona non grata with the other cops. Presently there's a serial killer on the loose and when Tom and his father and some other cops corner him, a big chase ensues and when it is over Tom's father is dead, supposedly killed by the perp. Later a suspect is brought in whom Tom doesn't believe is the one but most of the cops just don't want to believe him or think that he's objective is clouded. Eventually he is drummed out and the only position he could get is at river rescue. Two years later he still sticks to his beliefs and apparently the killer is back but everybody doesn't believe him and some people think that he is copy catting the killer.


Bruce Willis .... Det. Tom Hardy

Sarah Jessica Parker .... Jo Christman

Dennis Farina .... Capt. Nick Detillo

Tom Sizemore .... Det. Danny Detillo

Brion James .... Det. Eddie Eiler

Robert Pastorelli .... Det. Jimmy Detillo

Timothy Busfield .... Tony Sacco

John Mahoney .... Lt. Vince Hardy

Andre Braugher .... Dist. Atty. Frank Morris
Tom Atkins .... Sgt. Fred Hardy
Mike Hodge .... Capt. Penderman, River Rescue Commandant

Jodi Long .... Officer Kim Lee, River Rescue Dispatcher

Roscoe Orman .... Sid, Eddie Eiler's Partner
Robert Gould .... Douglas Kesser
Gareth Williams .... Chick Chicanis
Ed Hooks .... Attorney Gunther

Lawrence Mandley .... Bailiff
Julianna McCarthy .... Judge Helen Kramer
Sally Wiggin .... Newscaster
Andrea Martin .... Newscaster
Suzanne Vafiadis .... Newscaster
Ken Rice .... Newscaster

Michael Canavan .... Officer Gary Hardy

Scott Klace .... Card Player (as Scott Kloes)
Bruce Kirkpatrick .... Card Player
Edward Gero .... Officer Lulley
Andrew May .... Officer Jeff Schultz
Sigrid Adrienne .... Nurse Paula Puglisi
Elva Branson .... Head Nurse
Jack Pashkin .... Bartender

Erik Jensen .... Kid on Steps
Jeffrey J. Stephen .... Dispatcher (as Jeffrey J. Stephan)
Bill Hartung .... Boat Preppie
Dan Holland .... Tugboat Gunman
Vince Deadrick Jr. .... Tugboat Gunman
John Bower .... Cop (as John T. Bower)
Janette Caldwell .... Cheryl Putnam
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Betsy Zajko .... Hotel Clerk (uncredited)