28 June 2018

Bad Boy - Dirty Liar - Dawg (2002) part 4

a very large collection of unusual screenshots taken from
the Elizabeth Hurley / Denis Leary movie

part [4/4]

Directed by:
Victoria Hochberg

Written by:
Ken Hastings

Main cast:
Elizabeth Hurley, Denis Leary, NiCole Robinson, Mia Cottet, Julia Murphy, Elizabeth Rossa, Alice Amter, Annie Sorell, Alicia Lorén, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Elaine Hendrix, Steffani Brass, Jackie Tohn, Alex Borstein, Roneique Banks, Maria Canals-Barrera, rigitta Dau, Lisa Gerstein, Wendy Guess, Lois Hall, Chandler Riley Hecht, Terriel Lara, Kim Pawlik

The Denis Leary song "I'm an asshole" would have been perfect for this movie.