01 February 2018

Manchester by the Sea (2016) part 4

a large collection of unusual screenshots taken from the movie

part [4/4]

Written and directed by:
Kenneth Lonergan

Main cast:
Casey Affleck - Lee Chandler, a grief-stricken loner
Michelle Williams - Randi, Lee's ex-wife
Kyle Chandler - Joseph "Joe" Chandler, Lee's brother
Lucas Hedges - Patrick Chandler, 16-year-old son of Joe and Elise
Ben O'Brien - young Patrick
Gretchen Mol - Elise Chandler, Joe's former wife
C.J. Wilson - George, the Chandlers' family friend
Tate Donovan - Patrick's hockey coach
Kara Hayward - Silvie McGann, one of Patrick's girlfriends
Anna Baryshnikov - Sandy, another one of Patrick's girlfriends
Heather Burns - Jill, Sandy's mother
Erica McDermott - Sue, boat yard boss
Matthew Broderick - Jeffrey, Elise's fiancé
Oscar Wahlberg - Joel, Patrick's friend
Stephen Henderson - Mr. Emery, Lee's boss
Josh Hamilton - Wes, Joe's Lawyer