06 September 2017

Affinity (2008)

a special collection of unusual screenshots taken from the movie

Tim Fywell

Sarah Waters
Andrew Davies

Main cast:
Zoƫ Tapper - Selina Dawes
Anna Madeley - Margaret Prior
Domini Blythe - Mother Prior
Amanda Plummer - Miss Ridley
Mary Jo Randle - Mrs. Jelf
Caroline Loncq - Ruth Vigers
Anne Reid - Mrs. Brink
Vincent Leclerc - Theophilus
Anna Massey - Miss Haxby
Ferelith Young - Helen
Sara Lloyd-Gregory - Madeleine
Brett Watson - Stephen Prior
Candis Nergaard - Black Eyed Sue
Kenneth Hadley - Prison Porter
Sarah Crowden - Ada
Nickolas Grace - Mr. Hither