09 December 2006

Lost Junction (2003)

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Lost Junction (2003)

Directed by
Peter Masterson

Writing credits
Jeff Cole

Tagline: A dangerous love affair, a lethal deception

Plot synopsis:
Jimmy McGee (Billy Burke) is just passing through the small town of Lost Junction when his car breaks down by the side of the road, though it's not long before Missy just happens by and offers him a lift. Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Missy's hauling her husband's dead corpse around in her trunk. As it's going to take a couple of days for Jimmy's car to be fixed, Missy offers him a place to stay in her large estate - where, of course, sparks invariably fly between the two. The plot thickens when Missy withdraws a small fortune from the bank account she shared with her husband, which raises the suspicions of the town's Sheriff. It's not long before Missy and Jimmy are on the run, allowing Jimmy the chance to face an old childhood friend who's in a wheelchair because of him.


Neve Campbell .... Missy Lofton

Billy Burke .... Jimmy McGee

Jake Busey .... Matt

Charles Edwin Powell .... Porter (as Charles Powell)
David Gow .... Sheriff Frank
Michel Perron .... Shorty

Amy Sloan .... Teller
Norman Mikeal Berketa .... Mr. Thompson (as Norm Berketta)
Mariah Inger .... Cassie
Carlin Glynn .... Waitress
Joel Miller .... Doc
Kwasi Songui .... Bartender

Matt O'Toole .... State Trooper Stan

Minor Mustain .... State Trooper Bob
Robert Burns .... Priest (as Rob Burns)
Dawn Ford .... Clara

James A. Woods .... Another Boy (as James Woods)