01 December 2006

Ipcress File, The (1965)

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The Ipcress File (1965)

Also Known As:
Len Deighton's The Ipcress File

Directed by
Sidney J. Furie

Writing credits
Len Deighton (novel)
Bill Canaway (screenplay)

Plot description:
Michael Caine made his first appearance as novelist Len Deighton's bespectacled British-spy Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File. Palmer has no real love of espionage, but he doesn't really know any other life. With studied insolence, he takes on the case of locating missing doctor Radcliffe (Aubrey Richards), who has in his possession a valuable file that would prove injurious to the Free World should it fall in the wrong hands. The government also fears that Radcliffe will be brainwashed by the enemy, as has happened to two previous British scientists. While Palmer is off doing everyone else's dirty work, his superior, Nigel Green, is making a deal with duplicitous information "broker" Frank Gatliff to win Radcliffe's release. The price for this would seem to be Palmer, who is captured by the enemy and subjected to a grueling brainwashing session. Palmer escapes, whereupon he confronts a traitor in his midst in the climactic exchange of gunfire. Advertised as "The Thinking Man's Goldfinger, The Ipcress File offered a far more realistic view of the morally ambivalent world of espionage than did the like-vintage James Bond films. [Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide]


Michael Caine .... Harry Palmer
Nigel Green .... Major Dalby
Guy Doleman .... Colonel Ross
Sue Lloyd .... Jean Courtney
Gordon Jackson .... Carswell
Aubrey Richards .... Dr. Radcliffe
Frank Gatliff .... Bluejay
Thomas Baptiste .... Barney
Oliver MacGreevy .... Housemartin
Freda Bamford .... Alice
Pauline Winter .... Charlady
Anthony Blackshaw .... Edwards
Barry Raymond .... Gray
David Glover .... Chilcott-Oakes
Stanley Meadows .... Inspector Keightley
Peter Ashmore .... Sir Robert
Michael Murray .... Raid Inspector
Anthony Baird .... Raid Sergeant
Tony Caunter .... O.N.I. man
Charles Rea .... Taylor
Ric Hutton .... Records Officer
Douglas Blackwell .... Murray
Richard Burrell .... Operator
Glynn Edwards .... Police Station Sergeant
Zsolt Vadaszffy .... Prison Doctor
Josef Behrmann .... Prison Guard
Max Faulkner .... Prison Guard
Paul Chapman .... Prison Guard (as Paul S. Chapman)

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