26 November 2006

Paranoid (2000)

a very large collection of screenshots taken from

Directed by
John Duigan

Plot summary:
Chloe Keane (Jessica Alba) is an stressed American fashion model living in London, England who is about to have the worst weekend of her life. When she is invited to attend a party at the house of a former rock-star named Stan and his weird family who live in the countryside, with her boyfriend. Chloe awakes the next morning only to find her boyfriend has abandoned her at Stan's house and she has been drugged and handcuffed to the bed. Only to find Stan and his family won't allow her to leave and go back to London and the family have abducted her and they plan to have a sexual orgy with her whilst being recorded on camera. [Summary by Daniel Williamson]

Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gina Bellman, Iain Glen, Ewen Bremner, Kevin Whately