01 October 2006

Wild Side (1995)

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Wild Side (1995)

Going too far was just the beginning.

Directed by
Donald Cammell

Plot Summary:
Alex Lee (Anne Heche) is a Long Beach bank executive who moonlights as a $1,500-a-night call girl for financial purposes which takes a turn when one of her clients, Bruno Buckingham (Christopher Walken) is an international money launder/handler who takes an instant liking to Alex. But Bruno's personal chauffuer/bodyguard Tony (Steven Bauer) turns out to be an undercover FBI agent who tells Alex to co-operate with him in helping to nail Bruno and if she refuses, they will nail her for prostitution. While trying to figure a way out of the predicament she's in, Alex takes a liking to Bruno's attractive, sexy Chinese wife Virgina Chow (Joan Chen) who doesn't realize that Bruno is setting her up as a patsy to take the blame for his crimes, while Alex is unaware that Tony plans to nail her anyway after he nails Bruno. [Summary written by Matthew Patay]


Anne Heche .... Alex Lee/Johanna

Christopher Walken .... Bruno Buckingham

Joan Chen .... Virginia Chow

Steven Bauer .... Tony
Allen Garfield .... Dan Rackman
Adam Novak .... Lyle Litvak
Zion .... Hiro Sakamoto
Richard Palmer .... Cop Driver
Randy Crowder .... Federal Agent
Marcus Aurelius .... Agent James Reed

Michael Edward Rose .... Agent Morse Jaeger (as Michael Rose)
Lewis Arquette .... The Chief
Rolando De La Maza .... Steward

Candace Kita .... Lotus Ita (as Candace Camille Bender)
Ian Johnson .... Philip Hamlyn

Gena Kim .... Massage Girl
Robert Mazzola .... Gilberto