19 October 2006

Tender Loving Care (1997)

a very large collection of screenshots taken from

Because Tender Loving Care is an interactive movie, scenes do vary.
In this movie Beth Tegarden sometimes appears nude/topless, 
but sometimes fully clothed - all depending of the answers given by
the viewer earlier in the movie. See some examples below.

Tender Loving Care is an interactive movie; the plot and storyline are being 
shaped by the viewer's answers to various questions. Here's some more examples.

Throughout the duration of this interactive movie
a series of Thematic Apperception Tests (TAT's)
is to be taken by the viewer. Some examples:

Directed by
Rob Landeros
David Wheeler

Writing credits
Andrew Neiderman (novel)
Rob Landeros

Plot Summary:The Overtons were a happy couple, until their little daughter died in a car crash. Allison Overton can't cope with this, and still believes her little daughter is alive. A nurse is hired for her mental healing, but Kathleen Randolph has more in mind than just to heal Allison... [Summary written by Lukas Fichtinger]


J. Michael Esposito.... Michael Overton (as Michael Esposito)
Beth Tegarden.... Katherine Randolph
Marie Caldare.... Allison Overton
John Hurt.... Dr. Turner
Brandy Carson.... Mrs. Greenstreet
Holly Weber.... Charlotte
Misha Gangner.... Dorothy
Joe Hilsee.... Cab Driver
Stacy Johnson.... Teenage patient
Jim Smith.... Gas Jockey
Antonia Withmore.... Jody (as Antonina Whitmore)
Robert Hirschboeck.... Leon (as Rob Hirschboeck)
Brian Strickland.... Police officer
Kim Chadick.... Police officer
Brad Whitmore.... Paramedics
David Arthur.... Paramedics
Casey Gibbs.... Paramedics
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Carole Healy.... Dr. Betty (uncredited)
Terry McMahon.... Radio voice (voice) (uncredited)
Ray Porter.... Radio voice (voice) (uncredited)
Robynn Rodriguez.... Radio voice (voice) (uncredited)