21 October 2006

Suspended Animation (aka Mayhem) (2001)

a very large collection of 274 unusual screenshots taken from
the John D. Hancock movie

Directed by
John D. Hancock

Written by
Dorothy Tristan

Will Chill You To The Bone.

Plot Summary: Animator Thomas Kempton gets more than he bargained for when a snowmobile trip turns to terror in the wilds of Northern Michigan. Held prisoner by two cannibalistic sisters who try unsuccessfully to add him to their long list of victims, Tom becomes obsessed with tracking down his captor's long lost daughter. The ensuing drama becomes perfect material for Tom's latest Hollywood screenplay, inevitably luring one cannibal sister back to her original prey. [summary written by filmacre@netnitco.net]

Alex McArthur.... Tom Kempton
Laura Esterman.... Vanessa Boulette
Sage Allen.... Ann Boulette
Rebecca Harrell.... Hilary Kempton
Fred Meyers.... Sandor Hansen
Maria Cina.... Clara Hansen
Jeff Puckett.... Cliff Modjeska
Daniel Riordan.... Jack Starr
J.E. Freeman.... Philip Boulette
Sean Patrick Murphy.... Fred Phelps
Daniel Mooney.... Arnold Mann
Gary J. Mion.... Sheriff Montaigne
Joe Forbrich.... Production Manager
Robert Breuler.... Dr. Leo Sagan
Denise Bohn.... Correspondence 1
Faith Marie.... Correspondence 2 (as Faith Krycka)
Mike McCalmet.... Joe Moss
Andrew Tallackson.... Production Designer
Glenn Hutchinson.... Bar Customer
Laurene Franklin.... Vanessa Double