04 October 2006

Mother's Boys (1994)

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Mother's Boys (1994)

She left them three years ago. Now she's coming back... Whether they like it or not.

Directed by
Yves Simoneau

Plot Summary:
A psychotic estranged wife attempts to sabotage her husband's new romance by turning her children against his lover in this thriller. Jude (Jamie Lee Curtis) had abandoned her husband Robert (Peter Gallagher) and their three sons several years earlier. Unfortunately, now that Robert has filed for divorce after falling in love with Callie (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer), the sweet-natured assistant principal at his son's school, Jude is back for revenge. At first she merely tries to convince the children that Callie is an intruder on the rightful family, but the psychotic Jude's actions soon turn dangerous, as she attempts to frame the educator for assault. Things become particularly sticky when she tries to win over her 12-year-old son Kes (Luke Edwards), involving him in a potentially deadly scheme. [Judd Blaise - All Movie Guide]


Jamie Lee Curtis .... Judith 'Jude' Madigan

Peter Gallagher .... Robert Madigan

Joanne Whalley .... Colleen 'Callie' Harland (as Joanne Whalley-Kilmer)

Vanessa Redgrave .... Lydia Madigan

Luke Edwards .... Kes Madigan
Colin Ward .... Michael Madigan
Joey Zimmerman .... Ben Madigan
Joss Ackland .... Lansing, Jude's Attorney
Paul Guilfoyle .... Mark Kaplan, Robert's Attorney
J.E. Freeman .... Everett, Principal

John C. McGinley .... Mr. Fogel, Teacher
Jill Freedman .... Nurse

Lorraine Toussaint .... Robert's Associate

Ken Lerner .... Jude's Analyst

Mary Anne McGarry .... Planetarium Woman
Judith Roberts .... Narrator
Sachi Ena .... Cynthia, Girl in Kes' Class

Jeanine Jackson .... Market Mom
Jesse Stock .... Market Kid