04 October 2006

Heaven (2002)

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Heaven (2002)

What Would You Risk For Love?

Directed by
Tom Tykwer

Writing credits
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Krzysztof Piesiewicz

Plot Outline:
Love, retribution and redemption. Devastated by her husband's death from a drug overdose, Philippa, a British teacher living in Turin, Italy, tries to bring justice to the biggest drug dealer in Turin when the local police ignore her information about him. In building a home-made bomb and setting off a plan that fails miserably, her status changes from young widow to that of a criminal in custody. Young police officer Filipo descends into Philippa's life, changing her bleak outlook on existence into one in search of tranquility among corruption, as they become unlikely soul mates and lovers. [Summary written by Anna]


Cate Blanchett .... Philippa

Giovanni Ribisi .... Filippo
Remo Girone .... Filippo's Father
Stefania Rocca .... Regina
Alessandro Sperduti .... Ariel
Mattia Sbragia .... Major Pini
Stefano Santospago .... Mr. Vendice
Alberto Di Stasio .... The Prosecutor
Giovanni Vettorazzo .... The Inspector
Gianfranco Barra .... The Lieutenant
Vincent Riotta .... Chief Guard
Mauro Marino .... Doctor
Stefania Orsola Garello .... Vendice's Secretary

Fausto Lombardi .... Father High Rise
Giorgia Coppa .... Older Daughter

Julienne Liberto .... Younger Daughter
Matilde De Sanctis .... Janitor
Roberto D'Alessandro .... Driver Milkvan
Masha Sirago .... Woman in Milkvan
Sergio Sivori .... Helicopter Pilot
Shaila Rubin .... Pharmacist
Luciano Bartoli .... Technician Soundproof Room
Marco Merlini .... Technician Soundproof Room
Natalia Magni .... Cleaning Woman
Teresa Piergentili .... Cleaning Woman
Massimiliano Giusti .... Policeman Chasing Ariel (as Max Giusti)

Federico Torre .... Policeman Crowded Street
Andrea DiGirolamo .... Special Forces Police
Beppe Loconsole .... Special Forces Police