12 October 2006

Dreaming of Julia (2003)

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Dreaming of Julia (2003)

Also Known As:
Cuban Blood
Cuba Libre

Directed by
Juan Gerard

Writing credits
Letvia Arza-Goderich
Juan Gerard

Plot Outline:
The specter of revolution hovers over a small Cuban town in 2003's Cuban Blood, director Juan Gerard's first (and, to date, only) feature. Veteran and versatile actor Harvey Keitel, whose involvement clearly helped get the picture made, plays the charismatic Che (no, not that Che), a big fish in the small pond that is Holguin, a picturesque spot that's relatively removed from the pro-Castro, anti-Batista rebellion sweeping the country in 1958. But when the rebels knock out the town's electrical power in the opening scene, an outage that lasts a full year, things start to get a little hairy, and Che and his family (including his grandson, clearly a stand-in for Gerard himself) face some major choices and changes. Granted, it's hardly the most original movie ever made. The use of a seemingly crazy homeless man (played by Georg Stanford Brown) as a prophetic Greek chorus is not an uncommon device; and as several critics have noted, echoes of other movies abound, from Cinema Paradiso and Casablanca to Rebel Without a Cause and more. In fact, Cuban Blood was itself formerly known as Dreaming of Julia, a reference to both the film that's playing in the local cinema when the power goes out and to the real name of the enigmatic "La Gringa," the only American in town (actress Iben Hjejle is actually Danish, though you'd never know it from her perfect, unaccented English). In the end, the promotional material's claim that it's "a star-studded adventure in the tradition of (Sergio Leone's epic) Once Upon a Time in America" is hyperbolic in the extreme. Nonetheless, this film--sometimes amusing, sometimes dramatic, both heartwarming and sad, sentimental but not overly so--will appeal to viewers of all ages. [written by Sam Graham]


Harvey Keitel .... Che

Iben Hjejle .... Julia
Diana Bracho .... Beta

Gael García Bernal .... Ricky
Gabino Diego .... Armín
Cecilia Suárez .... Dulce
Aline Küppenheim .... Katia
Daniel Lugo .... Capt.Rosado
Andhy Méndez .... The Boy
Georg Stanford Brown .... Black Bum
Iván García .... Mr.Marro
Marilyn Romero .... Candita
Enrique Almirante .... Piel Canela
Reynaldo Miravalles .... Waldo
Enrique Jiménez .... Papín
Farah Alfonseca .... Carmen
Gellerman Baralt .... Pedro
Milena Pezzi .... Teté
Nurin Sanlley .... Mrs.Marro
Karina Noble .... Teresa
Flor de Bethania .... Valdubina
Cesar Henao .... Maxi
Juan Henao .... Leandro
Anisa Guajardo .... Lisa
George Marrero .... Altar Boy
Robert Fernandez .... Jose Carlos
Pedro Cordero .... Manuel
Arturo Cordero .... Miguel Marro
Gyana Mella .... Hooker
Raffi Rivera .... Casino Employee
Isabel Márquez .... Josefina

Hemky Madera .... Young Revolutionary
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ramses Cairo .... Capt. Rosado's Bodyguard

Sergio Carlo .... Rebel #2

Rodrigo Montealegre .... Reynaldo
Frank Perozo

Alfonso Quijada .... Narrator

Hector Then .... Capt. Rosado's Bodyguard