25 October 2006

Control (2004)

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Control (2004)

Directed by
Tim Hunter

Writing credits
Todd Slavkin
Darren Swimmer

  • Old habits die hard...
  • Some convicts aren't worth rehabilitating.
  • Sentenced To Death. Chosen To Live. Destined To Kill Again.
Plot Outline:
Liotta stars as Lee Ray Oliver, a violent sociopath sentenced to die for the brutal murders of several drug pushers and an innocent bystander. But instead of being injected with a lethal poison, Lee Ray is pumped full of sedatives and awakened several hours later in the county morgue. He receives an intriguing offer from one Dr. Copeland: agree to take some mood-altering medication or die right here, right now. Not surprisingly, Lee Ray chooses the former. Though Lee Ray makes a few fruitless attempts at escape, the pills eventually take hold - turning the man into a gentle, barely recognizable version of his former self. Dr. Copeland, satisfied that the drugs are working, sends Lee Ray to start a new life in a small town under an assumed name - where he quickly finds a job and falls in love with a local named Teresa (Rodriguez). [source: David Nusair - Reel Film]


Ray Liotta .... Lee Ray Oliver

Willem Dafoe .... Dr. Michael Copeland

Michelle Rodriguez .... Teresa

Stephen Rea .... Arlo
Polly Walker .... Barbara

Kathleen Robertson .... Eden Ross

Tim DeKay .... Bill Caputo
Mark Pickard .... Gary Caputo
Stewart Alexander .... Powell
Glenn Wrage .... Gibson
Ivan Kaye .... Norton
Mark Letheren .... Villard
Anthony Warren .... Brock
Raicho Vasilev .... Vlas
Mac McDonald .... Warden
Leroy Golding .... Ralph
Mark Colleano .... Skippy

Nick Brimble .... Dimi Vertov
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Brooke Allen
(as Brooke Mueller)
Chico Andrade .... Gruff Man
Dobrin Dosev .... Manager II
Maxim Gentchev .... Prison Doctor (as Maxim Genchev)
Victor Krasimirov .... Lee Ray 16 yrs old
Plamen Manassiev .... Nicky (as Plamen Manasiev)

Eric Meyers .... Store Manager
Linda Russeva .... Lee Ray's Mother

Jonas Talkington .... Pharmacist