04 October 2006

Clinton and Nadine (1988)

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Clinton and Nadine (1988)

Also Known As:
Murder brought them together... Love kept them alive.

Directed by

Jerry Schatzberg

Plot Outline:
When Clinton Dillard (Andy Garcia) pays a visit to his brother, he finds men in the house and his brother dead. He also finds some audiotapes and a woman's purse, which leads him to prostitute Nadine Powers (Ellen Barkin), who was a friend of Clinton's brother and is about to skip town for Miami. Coincidentally (or is it?), the audiotapes Clinton found mention a lawyer in Miami, so he agrees to drive her there. Clinton finds the lawyer, Dorsey Pratt (Morgan Freeman), and he and his associates—including John C. McGinley— are very eager to get their hands on the tapes. Meanwhile, Nadine goes to stay in a posh apartment that turns out to be owned by some sort of sugar daddy. [source: dvdverdict]


Andy Garcia .... Clinton Dillard

Ellen Barkin .... Nadine Powers

Morgan Freeman .... Dorsey Pratt
Michael Lombard .... James Conrad

John C. McGinley .... Turner
Brad Sullivan .... Gen. John Anson
Alan North .... Detective Rayburn
Bill Raymond .... Jewell
Mario Ernesto Sánchez .... Rojas

Nancy Giles .... Alice
Helen Davies .... Ione
Julio Oscar Mechoso .... Huesito

Anthony Correa .... Luis

Jay Amor .... Bernardo
Helen Hanft .... Lady Manager
Thomas A. Carlin .... Coral Plaza Manager
Carlos Cestero .... Chamorro

Shawn McAllister .... Piano Delivery Man
Rafael Guzman .... Checkpoint Soldier
Alfredo Álvarez Calderón .... Squad Leader
Pedro De Pool .... Adolfo
Rusty Pouch .... Gas Station Attendant