09 October 2006

Alexandra's Project (2003)

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Alexandra's Project (2003)

  • Not everyone loves surprises.
  • You think I'm watching you, don't you?
  • How well do you know your wife?
Also known as:
Tajemnica Aleksandry

Directed by

Rolf de Heer

Plot Outline:
Steve is a man who has it all, a successful career, wonderful children, beautiful home and a loving wife. However, returning to his home after work on his birthday, he finds his house deserted and darkened with almost all the lightbulbs missing, all easy access outside cut off and a videotape waiting for him. Playing that tape, he watches a bizarre and grueling recording in which his wife explains her grievance with him, her reasons for disappearing with the children and her revenge for how he treated her in a way he would never forget. [Summary written by Kenneth Chisholm]

Gary Sweet .... Steve
Helen Buday .... Alexandra
Bogdan Koca .... Bill
Samantha Knigge .... Emma
Eileen Darley .... Christine
Geoff Revell .... Rodney
Philip Spruce .... Taxi Driver (as Phillip Spruce)
Nathan O'Keefe .... Man at Door
Peter Green .... Chairman
Martha Lott .... Female Worker
Cindy Elliott .... Female Worker
Gemma Falk .... Female Worker
Nicole Daniel .... Female Worker
Duncan Graham .... Male Worker
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jack Christie .... Sam