28 October 2006

Killer Next Door, The (aka The Good Neighbor) (2001)

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The Killer Next Door (2001)

Also Known As:
Good Neighbor

Directed by
Todd Turner

Writing credits
T.S. O'Kelly (screenplay)
Mary Grace Higgs (screenplay)

Plot Outline:
A young woman discovers the fine line between paranoia and having your worst fears become real in this tale of terror. Molly Wright (Danica McKellar) is a typical college student sharing a house off-campus with her friends. Between her criminology classes, trying to keep up with her homework, and working as a volunteer with a local church group, Molly is wearing herself to a frazzle, so many of her friends think her imagination is working overtime when she begins to wonder aloud if Geoffrey Martin (Tobin Bell), the eccentric artist who has moved into the house next door, might be a serial killer. Molly's friends have a hard time believing her, but Paul Davidson (Billy Dee Williams), a police detective, thinks something funny is going on in the neighborhood after a number of missing persons cases are reported. But can Paul build a case against the killer before Molly becomes his next victim? Good Neighbor was the first feature film from director Todd Turner. [source: Mark Deming, All Movie Guide]


Billy Dee Williams .... Sgt. Paul Davidson

Danica McKellar .... Molly Wright

Tobin Bell .... Geoffrey Martin
Christine Horn .... Rhea Parker
James Stephen Jones .... Brad Farmer

Moe Michaels .... Levi (as Mohamed El Emam)
Brian Bremer .... Lt. Vandemeer
Polly Craig .... Sister Maya

Amber Wallace .... Young Molly
Brandon O'Dell .... Danny

Ron Clinton Smith .... Brian
Kelly Finley .... Mother
Lucinda Carmichael .... Amy
Bill Greeley .... Sgt. Peter Warfield

Jeffrey Charlton .... Bailey Parks
Kathy Simmons .... Professor
Jennifer Crumbley .... Carla Richardson
Chet Dixon .... Barney
A.J. Jerrick .... Ben
Shawn Sterling .... Javier
Nathan Farmer .... Frat Boy
Randall Taylor .... Officer 12
Jon Huffman .... Honus Balfore
Crystal Porter .... Deli
Joan Glover .... Brooklyn
Charles Lawlor .... Virgil