24 September 2006

To Die For (1995)

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To Die For (1995)

  • All she wanted was a little attention.
  • She'll do anything to get what she wants ...ANYTHING.
  • She was prepared to go all the way... for what she wanted.
  • She knew what it took to get to the top... a lot of heart and a little head.
Directed by
Gus Van Sant

Plot outline:
Nicole Kidman stars as Suzanne Stone, the scheming, murderously ambitious TV news personality who'll stop at nothing to claim her place in the celestial skies next to Barbara and Connie, she whets, smooths and sharpens what could be the finest role of her career.

In a place called Little Hope, N.H., we learn immediately that there has been bloodshed, and that cable TV weathergirl Kidman (a "seductress," according to screaming tabloid headlines) is a possible suspect in the murder of her oafish, sweet-natured husband, Matt Dillon. Then the complete story unfolds in a "60 Minutes"-meets-

"Rashomon" faux-documentary format, in which we hear testimony from Kidman (who addresses the camera directly in the newscaster style she has geared her whole life toward); Illeana Douglas, Dillon's tell-it-like-it-is, ice-skating sister; and many others, including Kidman's and Dillon's parents and a teenage girl (Alison Folland) who played a significant role in the tragedy.

It starts when small-town beauty Kidman seduces and marries Italian-American husband Dillon, a dumb dreamboat and about the biggest catch she can get in that place. Kidman's pie-in-the-sky dream to head a prime-time TV show has to start somewhere. So, without a trace of television experience, she persuades the local cable TV station manager (tubby Wayne Knight of "Seinfeld") to hire her as a gofer. She soon parlays the grunt job into a regular stint as the weather reporter. She also produces a hilariously trite cable special called "Teens Speak Out!" for which she enlists painfully inarticulate students Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck and Folland.

But when Dillon, set to inherit his father's Italian restaurant, asks his wife to drop the weather slot and start making babies, Kidman's big plans are threatened. The course of action she decides upon is, well, pure Oprah. [source: washingtonpost.com]


Nicole Kidman .... Suzanne Stone Maretto

Matt Dillon .... Larry Maretto

Joaquin Phoenix .... Jimmy Emmett

Casey Affleck .... Russel Hines

Illeana Douglas .... Janice Maretto
Alison Folland .... Lydia Mertz

Dan Hedaya .... Joe Maretto
Wayne Knight .... Ed Grant

Kurtwood Smith .... Earl Stone
Holland Taylor .... Carol Stone

Susan Traylor .... Faye Stone
Maria Tucci .... Angela Maretto

Tim Hopper .... Mike Warden
Michael Rispoli .... Ben DeLuca
Buck Henry .... Mr. H. Finlaysson
Gerry Quigley .... George
Tom Forrester .... Fisherman
Alan Edward Lewis .... Fisherman
Nadine MacKinnon .... Sexy Woman

Conrad Coates .... Weaselly Guy
Ron Gabriel .... Sal
Ian Heath .... Student
Graeme Millington .... Student
Sean Ryan .... Student
Nicholas Pasco .... Detective
Joyce Maynard .... Lawyer
David Collins .... Reporter
Eve Crawford .... Reporter
Janet Lo .... Reporter

David Cronenberg .... Man at Lake
Tom Quinn .... Skating Promoter
Peter Glen .... Priest (as Peter Glenn)
Amber-Lee Campbell .... Suzanne (Age 5)
Colleen Williams .... Valerie Mertz
Simon Richards .... Chester
Philip Williams .... Babe Hines
Susan Backs .... June Hines
Kyra Harper .... Mary Emmett
Adam Roth .... Band Member
Andrew Scott .... Band Member

Tamara Gorski .... Chick #2 at Bar
Katie Griffin .... Girl at Bar
Carla Renee .... Girl at Bar
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jamie Collestri .... High School Soccer Player (uncredited)
Melissa Cooper .... High School Girl (uncredited)
Tom Peterson .... TV Commercial (uncredited)
Chris Phillips .... High School Soccer Player (uncredited)
Rain Phoenix .... (uncredited)

George Segal .... Conference Speaker (uncredited)
Isabella Simone .... High School Student (uncredited)
Tracey Tundman .... High School Soccer Player (uncredited)
Linda Wilkinson .... High School Student (uncredited)