13 September 2006

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Also Known As:
Star Trek VI: Aquel pais desconocido

Directed by

Nicholas Meyer

  • The battle for peace has begun.
  • The crew of the starship Enterprise fights not to win battles, but to end them forever.
  • On the verge of peace. On the brink of war.
Plot summary:
An accident on the Klingon moon Praxis forces the reluctant Klingon Empire into a peace treaty with the Federation. Kirk, despite his mistrust of the Klingons after they murdered his son at Genesis, is forced to escort a Klingon cruiser carrying the Klingon Chancellor to Earth for the meetings. During the voyage the Klingon cruiser is attacked, and Kirk & McCoy are taken prisoner after the Chancellor is murdered by two Starfleet crewmen. Spock immediately begins an investigation, while Kirk & McCoy are sentenced to life on Rura Penthe - a deep-frozen asteroid. Spock, meanwhile, has discovered that a Klingon Bird of Prey - one that can fire when cloaked, and under the command of Kingon General Chang - is the ship responsible for firing on the Chancellor, and the 2 assassins came from the Enterprise. A rescue of Kirk & McCoy is successful, after which they discover a conspiracy among Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan officials whose plan is to incite a full-blown war! The Enterprise & Excelsior - under the command of Hikaru Sulu - head for a deadly rendezvous with General Chang at the peace summit to prevent war from breaking out...but will they be too late? [Summary by Derek O'Cain]


William Shatner .... Captain James T. Kirk

Leonard Nimoy .... Captain Spock

DeForest Kelley .... Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy

James Doohan .... Captain Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
Walter Koenig .... Commander Pavel Chekov

Nichelle Nichols .... Cmdr. Uhura

George Takei .... Captain Hikaru Sulu

Kim Cattrall .... Lieutenant Valeris
Mark Lenard .... Ambassador Sarek
Grace Lee Whitney .... Commander Janice Rand

Brock Peters .... Admiral Cartwright
Leon Russom .... Starfleet Commander in Chief

Kurtwood Smith .... Federation President

Christopher Plummer .... General Chang
Rosanna DeSoto .... Azetbur (as Rosana DeSoto)
David Warner .... Chancellor Gorkon
John Schuck .... Klingon ambassador

Michael Dorn .... Colonel Worf
Paul Rossilli .... Brigadier General Kerla

Robert Easton .... Klingon judge
Clifford Shegog .... Klingon officer

William Morgan Sheppard .... Klingon commander (as W. Morgan Sheppard)
Brett Porter .... Gen. Stex
Jeremy Roberts .... Lieutenant Dimitri Valtane

Michael Bofshever .... Excelsior engineer

Angelo Tiffe .... Excelsior navigator

Boris Lee Krutonog .... Helmsman Lojur

Christian Slater .... Excelsior Communications Officer

Iman .... Martia
Tom Morga .... The Brute
Todd Bryant .... Klingon translator
John Bloom .... Behemoth alien
Jim Boeke .... Klingon general #1
Carlos Cestero .... Munitions man
Edward Clements .... Young crewman
Katie Johnston .... Martia as a child (as Katie Jane Johnston)

Doug Engalla .... Prisoner at Rura Penthe (as Douglas Engalla)

Matthias Hues .... Klingon general #2
Darryl Henriques .... Ambassador Nanclus
David Orange .... Sleepy Klingon
Judy Levitt .... Military aide
Shakti .... ADC
Michael Snyder .... Crewman Dax
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Rene Auberjonois .... Colonel West (uncredited)
Douglas Dunning .... Klingon (uncredited)
Trent Christopher Ganino .... Klingon Judge #2 (uncredited)
Alan Marcus .... Man who Killed Klingons (uncredited)
Douglas Price .... Khitomer Flag Bearer (uncredited)
Eric A. Stillwell .... Courtroom Klingon (uncredited)

J.D. Walters .... Klingon (uncredited)