13 September 2006

Spellbound (1945)

The dream sequence was designed by Salvador Dalí

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Spellbound (1945)

Also Known As:
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound
  • The House of Dr. Edwardes
  • Recuerda
  • Cuentame tu Vida
  • La Maison du Docteur Edwardes
  • Io ti Salverò
  • Je te sauverai
  • Ich kämpfe um dich

Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock

Plot summary:
Spellbound begins at Green Manors, a "home" for those in need of psychoanalysis. Here, doctors like Constance Peterson (Bergman) seem able to diagnose instantly even the most complex psychosis on the basis of a few words from the patient. These doctors wield words like "guilt complex" and "dream interpretation" about like shining swords, presumably cutting through the diseased thoughts of their patients and "opening the doorways of the mind" to expose the truth. Those who seem particularly good at these techniques, like Peterson, do so at the expense of their own emotions. Early in the film, a colleague of Peterson's tells her that her "lack of human emotion" is the only thing holding her back from being a truly great psychoanalyst.

Human emotion arrives in the form of Dr. Anthony Edwardes, a dashing young psychiatrist who has come to assume the directorship of Green Manors. It's love at first sight for a woman who scorns the idea of love. It's no wonder she becomes so entirely devoted to him, if he can inspire these feelings in her. But soon we understand that all is not as it seems. Edwardes reacts strangely to certain patterns and situations, and Peterson quickly deduces that Edwardes is not Edwardes at all -- indeed, he may be Edwardes' killer. The man she loves is stricken with amnesia and only knows his initials -- J.B. He has taken Edwardes' place because he doesn't know what else to do. However, Peterson's love for the man convinces her that he could not possibly be a murderer, and she helps him to escape the authorities who have been alerted to the fact that Edwardes is not what he seems.

While they are on the run, Peterson tries to dig through J.B.'s psyche to discover the cause of his amnesia and fears. They end up hiding in the house of Constance's old mentor, Dr. Brulov, telling Brulov they are on their honeymoon. Brulov, welcoming the "newlyweds" into his house late one evening, bids them "Good night and happy dreams -- which we will analyze at breakfast." That's exactly what happens. [source: stomptokyo]


Ingrid Bergman .... Dr. Constance Petersen

Gregory Peck .... John Ballantine, aka Dr. Anthony Edwardes, 'J.B.', and John Brown
Michael Chekhov .... Dr. Alexander 'Alex' Brulov
Leo G. Carroll .... Dr. Murchison

Rhonda Fleming .... Mary Carmichael
John Emery .... Dr. Fleurot
Norman Lloyd .... Mr. Garmes
Bill Goodwin .... House detective
Steven Geray .... Dr. Graff
Donald Curtis .... Harry
Wallace Ford .... Hotel masher
Art Baker .... Det. Lt. Cooley
Regis Toomey .... Det. Sgt. Gillespie
Paul Harvey .... Dr. Hanish
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jean Acker .... Matron (uncredited)
Irving Bacon .... Railway gateman (uncredited)
Richard Bartell .... Ticket taker (uncredited)
Charles Bates .... (uncredited)
Harry Brown .... Gateman (uncredited)
Joel Davis .... John Ballantine as a boy (uncredited)
Jacqueline deWit .... Nurse at Green Manors (uncredited)
Edward Fielding .... Dr. Anthony Edwardes (uncredited)
James Flavin .... (uncredited)

Alfred Hitchcock .... Man leaving elevator (uncredited)
Teddy Infuhr .... Ballantine's brother (uncredited)
Victor Kilian .... Sheriff (uncredited)
George Meader .... Hallett, railroad clerk (uncredited)
Matt Moore .... Policeman at train station (uncredited)
Constance Purdy .... Dr. Brulov's housekeeper (uncredited)
Addison Richards .... Police captain (uncredited)
Erskine Sanford .... Dr. Galt (uncredited)
Janet Scott .... Norma Cramer (uncredited)
Clarence Straight .... Secretary at police station (uncredited)
Dave Willock .... Bellboy (uncredited)