12 September 2006

Species 2 (1998)

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Also Known As:
Species II
Species 2: Offspring
Species 2: Origins
La Mutante 2


  • There is life on Mars...and now it's here.
  • Mating season begins...
  • Hope They Never MEET...Pray They Never MATE.
Directed by
Peter Medak

Plot synopsis:
In the first pic, Natasha Henstridge played Sil, the product of an ill-advised attempt to commingle alien and human DNA. Now Henstridge is back as another half-breed, Eve, who's been cooked up in a top-secret government lab to help scientists develop a way to battle other evil extraterrestrials. Marg Helgenberger reprises her role as Dr. Laura Baker, one of the more humane scientists in the breeding program. And Michael Madsen encores as Press Lennox, a freelance assassin who's once again hired to seek and destroy a killer alien.

This time, Lennox's target is a male of the species. During the first manned mission to Mars, astronaut Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard) is infected with a strain of the same DNA that figured in the births of Sil and Eve. Once Ross returns to Earth, he's greeted as a hero by the masses and urged to enter politics by his U.S. senator father (James Cromwell). Unfortunately, Ross finds that, each time he has sexual intercourse with a woman, he instantly impregnates her. And each embryo rapidly develops to the size of a pre-schooler and bursts from the stomach of his or her dying mother.

This develops into a serious problem, since Ross is quite active sexually. Soon, Ross is hiding a dozen or so offspring in a building on a neglected family estate, and the L.A. cops are wondering who's behind all the female corpses with ruptured stomachs.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, the scientists monitoring Eve note that she's periodically excited by stimuli they can't discern. Dr. Laura (the movie character, not the radio show host) figures out that Eve is somehow telepathically connected with Ross, and that each hybrid wants to bring out the other's alien side -- that is, they have an urge to merge. Not surprisingly, Dr. Laura thinks this would be a bad idea. But Len-nox and the military-intelligence contingent led by Col. Burgess (George Dzundza) hope to use Eve to lead them to Ross.

Mykelti Williamson co-stars as Dennis Gamble, a Mars mission astronaut who isn't infected by the alien DNA. (A third astronaut, played by Myriam Cyr, isn't so lucky.) After he's cleared as a murder suspect, Gamble gets to hang out with Lennox and Dr. Laura and offer the occasional wisecrack. During the grand finale, when the heroes interrupt coitus between Eve and Ross, Gamble proves that having a far different sort of blood infection can come in handy when you're demolishing monsters. [source: Joe Leydon, Variety.com]

Michael Madsen.... Press Lenox
Natasha Henstridge.... Eve
Marg Helgenberger.... Dr. Laura Baker
Mykelti Williamson.... Dennis Gamble
George Dzundza.... Colonel Carter Burgess Jr
James Cromwell.... Senator Judson Ross
Justin Lazard.... Patrick Ross
Myriam Cyr.... Anne Sampas
Sarah Wynter.... Melissa
Baxter Harris.... Dr. Orinsky
Scott Morgan.... Harry Sampas
Nancy La Scala.... Debutante
Raquel Gardner.... Debutante's Sister
Henderson Forsythe.... Pentagon Personnel
Robert Hogan.... Pentagon Personnel
Ted Sutton.... Pentagon Personnel
Gwendolyn Briley-Strand.... Biologist (as Gwen Briley-Strand)
Valerie Karasek.... Biologist
Jane Beard.... Biologist
Nancy Young.... Tether Console Guard
Beau James.... Administrator
Tracy Metro.... Prostitute
Irv Ziff.... Seedy Motel Clerk
Melanie Pearson.... Hooker
Felicia Deel.... Stripper
Norman Aronovic.... Medical Examiner
Kim Adams.... Darlene
Dustin Turner.... Kid at Supermarket
Susan Duvall.... Woman Shopper
Andreas Kraemer.... Male Teenager
Lauren Ziemski.... Female Teenager
Donna Sacco.... Woman in Crowd
Sondra Spriggs.... Woman with Gamble (as Sondra Williamson)
Kevin Grantz.... Federal Agent
Zite Bidanie.... Press Agent (as Zité Bidanie)
Nat Benchley.... Squad Leader
Mike Gartland.... Cobra Pilot
John C. Pratt.... Pilot
John T. Scanlon.... Pilot
Herbert R. Schutt Jr..... Pilot
Evelyn Ebo.... Gorgeous Nurse
Bill Boggs.... Himself
Richard Belzer.... U. S. President
Alesia Newman-Breen.... News Announcer
Peter Boyle.... Dr. Herman Cromwell
Vincent Hammond.... Patrick Creature Performer
Monica Staggs.... Eve Creature Performer
Jason Sweet.... Soldier
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael Ahl.... Air Force Special Forces
Heidi Burger.... Dinner Guest
Tim Carr.... Soldier
Gary Davis.... Scientist
Sean Floyd.... Orderly
Sarah Fragale.... Nurse
Byron Henderson.... Army Soldier
Liam Hughes.... Paparazzi
Paul Majors.... Springfield Orderly
Mark Norris.... Police Officer
Nancy Young.... Tether Guard
Brittany Brazil.... Stripper (uncredited)
Robert F. Fanto.... Secret service agent (uncredited)
Julie Mabry.... Hooker (uncredited)