12 September 2006

Sommersby (1993)

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Sommersby (1993)

Directed by
Jon Amiel

She knew his face. His touch. His voice. She knew everything about him... But the truth.

Plot outline:
"Sommersby" is a remake of the French film "The Return of Martin Guerre," with Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye in the true story of a 16th-century French peasant who returns home a better person than he was when he left seven years earlier. Could he be an imposter? The American version is set in the Reconstruction era, following the Civil War and stars Richard Gere as the returning Confederate soldier who has been gone six years, with Jodie Foster as his curious wife.

"Sommersby" opens with Gere's character burying a body, then traveling to a small rural town where he claims to be Jack Sommersby, back from the war and several years in prison.

Everyone accepts him readily, if warily - including his wife Laurel, who remembers that he was a cruel man who was drunk when their son was conceived.

But Jack seems to know all about his neighbors, including intimate nicknames. He's kind to Laurel and her son, he comes up with a scheme to improve the economic climate of this sleepy, rural town. It is odd that his feet seem smaller and his signature is not the same. But he is, nonetheless, soon accepted by everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

Leading the opposition is Jack's rival (Bill Pullman), who was planning to marry Laurel. And the local Ku Klux Klan, which disapproves of Jack allowing blacks to farm and purchase some of his land.

Ultimately, Jack is charged with murder and finds that the only defense he might have is to confess that he isn't Jack Sommersby after all. Maybe he is, as some have said, a flimflam artist who masqueraded as a schoolteacher in a nearby town. [source: Chris Hicks, deseretnews.com]


Richard Gere .... John Robert 'Jack' Sommersby

Jodie Foster .... Laurel Sommersby

Bill Pullman .... Orin Meecham

James Earl Jones .... Judge Barry Conrad Issacs
Lanny Flaherty .... Buck
William Windom .... Reverend Powell
Wendell Wellman .... Travis
Brett Kelley .... Little Rob
Clarice Taylor .... Esther
Frankie Faison .... Joseph

R. Lee Ermey .... Dick Mead
Richard Hamilton .... Doc Evans

Karen Kirschenbauer .... Mrs. Evans
Carter McNeese .... Storekeeper Wilson
Dean Whitworth .... Tom Clemmons
Stan Kelly .... John Green
Stephanie Weaver .... Mrs. Bundy
Khaz B .... Eli

Josh McLerran .... Boy #1 (as Josh McClerren)
Mark Williams .... Boy #2

Muse Watson .... Drifter #1
Paul Austin .... K.K.K. #1/Folsom
Frank Hoyt Taylor .... K.K.K. #2 (as Frank Taylor)
Billy L. 'Butch' Frank .... K.K.K. #3 (as Billy 'Butch' Frank)
Dale Stewart .... K.K.K. #4
Jake Cress .... Marshal #1
Doug Sloan .... Marshall #2

Ray McKinnon .... Lawyer Webb
Maury Chaykin .... Lawyer Dawson
Stuart Fallen .... Court Bailiff
Barry McLerran .... Clerk
Richard Lineback .... Timothy Fry
Dr. Michael Gold .... Night Clerk
Joe Basham .... Witness
Patrick Morse .... Boarding House Manager
Joe Neel .... Auctioneer
Harry T. Daniel .... Official