12 September 2006

Someone Like You... (2001)

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Someone Like You... (2001)

Tagline: The story about the one that got away and the one she never saw coming.

Also Known As:
Animal Attraction
Animal Husbandry
Männer Zirkus
Siempre a tu lado

Directed by
Tony Goldwyn

Plot synopsis:
Consider Someone Like You, in which heroine Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) is summarily dumped just before embarking on a live-in relationship. This so devastates her that she begins compulsively poring over psychological, anthropological, and philosophical tomes, all in an effort to make sense of the inconstant way the male animal conducts himself. Eventually she alights on a possible explanation in the natural world -- the reluctance among bulls to mate with a given cow more than once -- and less-than-scientifically projects this characteristic across great swaths of the mammalian kingdom to conclude that unfaithfulness is inherent to the male gender, regardless of its species.

Her research for this theory, which she dubs the "New Cow" theory, takes for experimental subjects not only Ray (Greg Kinnear), the aforementioned ex-lover, but also Eddie (Hugh Jackman), a womanizing coworker with whom she must move in after her falling out with Ray leaves her homeless. As Eddie brings home one sex partner after another, Jane psychoanalyzes him relentlessly -- culling information for a monthly column she eventually begins writing for a men's magazine, yes, but also trying, by proxy, to distill Ray's actions into an abstract principle. This will let her turn her recent breakup into an inevitable act of nature and she can thereby avoid the unthinkable alternative, the possibility that something in her identity leaves her singularly susceptible to rejection: "If this theory's wrong," she wails to Eddie later in the movie, "men don't leave all women -- they leave me."

As she and Eddie bicker endlessly about the quality of men and women's respective characters, we learn that Eddie also has a tragic heartbreak in his past: since his girlfriend Rebecca dumped him, he's been unable to trust in intimacy and instead obsessively philanders to forget about his loss -- to, as Jane says, "narcotize" himself with "casual sex." [source: popmatters.com]


Ashley Judd .... Jane Goodale

Greg Kinnear .... Ray Brown

Hugh Jackman .... Eddie Alden

Marisa Tomei .... Liz

Ellen Barkin .... Diane Roberts

Catherine Dent .... Alice, Jane's Sister

Peter Friedman .... Stephen, Alice's Husband

Laura Regan .... Evelyn
Sue Jin Song .... Female Scientist
Keith Reddin .... Male Scientist
Derick Karlton Grant .... Flower Delivery Man
Donna Hanover .... Mary Lou Corkle

Matthew Coyle .... Staff Member
Nicole Leach .... Nia, Young Female Intern
Pon Yang .... Chinese Vendor
Arantza Sola .... Student #1
Daniella Canterman .... Student #2 (as Daniella Cantermen)

Colleen Camp .... Realtor
Julie Kavner .... Furry Animal (voice)

Sabine Singh .... Girl in Bar
Shuler Hensley .... Hick Farmer
Jess Platt .... Dr. Kline
Murielle Arden .... Isabel
Rodney 'Bear' Jackson .... Street Vendor (as Bear Jackson)

Mireille Enos .... Yoga Instructor #1
Adrienne Burke .... Yoga Instructor #2
LeAnna Croom .... Rebecca

Veronica Webb .... Veronica Webb
David Kener .... Stage Manager
Joe Mosso .... Technician (as Joe J. Mosso)

Naomi Judd .... Makeup Artist
A.J. Ekoku .... Jane's Assistant (as A J Ekoku)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Hugh Downs .... Himself (uncredited)

Tony Goldwyn .... Narrator on TV (voice) (uncredited)

Harold Perrineau .... Fantasy sequence tour guide (DVD deleted scenes) (uncredited)

Krysten Ritter .... Model (uncredited)

Tegan Summer .... James (uncredited)