12 September 2006

Soldier's Story, A (1984)

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A Soldier's Story (1984)

Alone, far from home, and far from justice, he has three days to learn the truth about a murder... and the truth is a story you won't forget.

Directed by
Norman Jewison

Plot description:
Combining mystery, history, sociology and inquiry into the psychopathology of hatred and the poison of accommodation to injustice, Charles Fuller's Pulitzer Prize-winning ''Soldier's Play'' has been translated to the screen under the title ''A Soldier's Story.'' The story takes place during World War II, at an Army base in Louisiana, where Vernon Waters, a black platoon sergeant, has been shot to death with a .45 caliber automatic while returning drunk to the base one night.

Much to the astonishment of not only the black troops in the platoon but the white officers on the base as well, a black captain - a lawyer, in fact - is dispatched from Washington in an effort to find the killer. Ku Klux Klan, suggest some of the troops. White officers, suggests a captain commanding Sergeant Waters's company. None of your business, suggests the Southern colonel who commands the base. ''The worst thing you can do in this part of the country,'' he says, ''is to pay too much attention to the death of a colored soldier under mysterious circumstances.''

But Capt. Richard Davenport, played by Howard E. Rollins Jr., is determined to press on. [source: Laawrence van Gelder, New York Times]

Howard E. Rollins Jr. .... Capt. Davenport
Adolph Caesar .... Sgt. Waters
Art Evans .... Pvt. Wilkie
David Alan Grier .... Cpl. Cobb
David Harris .... Pvt. Smalls
Dennis Lipscomb .... Capt. Taylor
Larry Riley .... C.J. Memphis
Robert Townsend .... Cpl. Ellis

Denzel Washington .... Pfc. Peterson
William Allen Young .... Pvt. Henson
Patti LaBelle .... Big Mary
Wings Hauser .... Lt. Byrd

Scott Paulin .... Capt. Wilcox
John Hancock .... Sgt. Washington
Trey Wilson .... Col. Nivens
Patricia Brandkamp .... Ida Nivens
Carl Dreher .... Bus driver
Vaughn Reeves .... Capt. Estes
Robert Tyler .... Pvt. Seymour
Pat Grabe .... White lieutenant #1
Terry Dodd .... White lieutenant #2
Warren Clements .... Sgt. Hooks
James W. Bryant .... Chaplain
John Valentine .... Umpire
Ronald E. Greenfield .... MP sergeant
Anthony C. Sanders .... MP
Traftin E. Thompson .... MP in barracks
Roy Wells .... Training field sergeant
Tommy G. Liggins .... Soldier painting
Calvin Franklin .... Barracks soldier
Kevin T. Mosley .... Barracks soldier
Michael Williams .... Barracks soldier
David Ashley .... Barracks soldier
Thomas Howard .... Barracks soldier

Bobby McGee .... Barracks soldier (as Bobby McGaughey)

Rick Ramey .... Barracks soldier
Lacarnist Hiriams .... Barracks soldier