12 September 2006

Sniper (1993)

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Sniper (1993)

Directed by
Luis Llosa

Plot outline:
USMC Master Sgt. Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) is the best sniper in the Corps, with 74 kills to his record, along with a few dead "spotters" -- fellow Marines of his who didn't survive their daring one-shot raids. But when the U.S. Government decides that a Panamanian rebel leader is next on Beckett's hit-list, inexperienced Lt. Richard Miller (Billy Zane) -- a soldier with no kills but an Olympic medal for sharpshooting -- is assigned by some Washington pencil-pushers as the spotter for the top-priority mission, creating a great deal of tension between the older sergeant who has no love for life and the younger officer who only wants to keep his ass alive. [source: dvdjournal.com]


Tom Berenger .... Thomas Beckett

Billy Zane .... Richard Miller

J.T. Walsh .... Chester Van Damme
Aden Young .... Doug Papich
Ken Radley .... El Cirujano
Reynaldo Arenas .... Cacique (as Reinaldo Arenas)
Gary Swanson .... NSC Officer in Washington
Hank Garrett .... Admiral in Washington
Frederick Miragliotta .... General Miguel Alavarez
Vanessa Steele .... Mrs. Alvarez
Carlos Álvarez .... Raul Ochoa
Tyler Coppin .... Ripoly (as Tyler Copin)
Teo Gebert .... Ripolys Friend
Edward Wiley .... DeSilva
William Curtin .... Mountain Top Pilot
Howard Bosse .... Mountain Top Co-Pilot
Christos A. Linou .... Mountain Top Sniper
Christopher Morsley .... Soldier at Pool Table
Don Battee .... Soldier at Bar (as Donald Battee)
Raj Sidhu .... Soldier in Barn
Roy Edmonds .... Cabrera
Johnny Raaen .... Crew Chief
Loury Cortez .... Father Ruiz
Jorge Bustamante .... Rebel Captain at Extraction
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rex Linn .... Colonel (uncredited)

Antony Szeto .... Boat Rebel (uncredited)