11 September 2006

Sneakers (1992)

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Sneakers (1992)

  • We could tell you what it's about. But then, of course, we'd have to kill you.
  • To trust can be murder.
  • A burglar, a spy, a fugitive, a delinquent, a hacker, and a piano teacher... and these are the good guys.
Directed by
Phil Alden Robinson

Plot synopsis:
Robert Redford plays Dan Bishop, who was a notorious computer hacker in his undergraduate days in the 1960's. In the film's opening sequence, the youthful Dan, played by Gary Hershberger (who looks remarkably like Mr. Redford), and his pal Cosmo (Jojo Marr) are seen as they break into the computers of the rich to provide money for the poor. Dan manages to escape a raid on their lab, but Cosmo winds up doing prison time.

Dan has since gone more or less straight and now runs a company that tests security systems for large corporations. Mr. Poitier appears as one of his associates, a 20-year C.I.A. man cashiered, it's said, because of a personality conflict.

Theirs is pretty much an all-star gang, the other members being played by Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix and David Strathairn. Playing Dan's nemesis is Ben Kingsley, who shows up as the adult Cosmo, who not only looks entirely different but also speaks with a strange mid-Atlantic accent. Dan and Cosmo, once pals, now engage in series of a bitter and violent confrontations for possession of the little black box. [source: Vincent Canby, new york times]

Jo Marr .... College-Aged Cosmo (as Jojo Marr)

Garrison Hershberger .... College-Aged Bishop (as Gary Hershberger)

Robert Redford .... Martin "Marty" Bishop

Sidney Poitier .... Donald Crease

David Strathairn .... Erwin 'Whistler' Emory

Dan Aykroyd .... Mother

River Phoenix .... Carl Arbegast

Bodhi Elfman .... Centurion S&L Night Guard

Denise Dowse .... Bank Teller
Hanyee .... Bank Secretary

Timothy Busfield .... Dick Gordon
Eddie Jones .... Buddy Wallace

Time Winters .... Homeless Man

Mary McDonnell .... Liz
Jun Asai .... Piano Prodigy

Donal Logue .... Dr. Gunter Janek
George Hearn .... Gregor

Lee Garlington .... Dr. Elena Rhyzkov
John Shepard .... Coolidge Institute Guard
Ellaraino .... Mrs. Crease
Shayna Hollinquist .... Melissa Crease
Dayna Hollinquist .... Melissa Crease
Jacqueline Brand .... Kiev String Quartet
Julie Gigante .... Kiev String Quartet
Victoria Miskolczy .... Kiev String Quartet
David Speltz .... Kiev String Quartet
Leslie Hardy .... Gregor's Date
John Moio .... Gregor's Chauffeur
James Craven .... FBI Agent

R.C. Everbeck .... 2nd FBI Agent

Ben Kingsley .... Cosmo
Ernie Tetrault .... TV Anchorman
Lori Hall .... NSA Phone Operator

Stephen Tobolowsky .... Dr. Werner Brandes
George Cheung .... Chinese Restaurant Singer
Hayward Soo Hoo .... Chinese Restaurant Waiter
Michael Kinney .... Playtronics Desk Guard - Day
Rudy Francis Nemetz .... Playtronics Desk Guard - Day
Ralph Monaco .... Playtronics Lobby Guard - Day
Paul Jenkins .... Playtronics Lobby Guard - Night
Al Foster .... Playtronics Desk Guard - Night
George Hartmann .... Playtronics Stairwell Guard
Jeffrey Daniel Phillips .... Playtronics Perimeter Guard
Michael Boston .... Playtronics Perimeter Guard
Anthony Winters .... NSA Agent
Jeff Joy .... NSA Agent

Amy Benedict .... NSA Agent Mary

James Earl Jones .... Bernard Abbott, NSA
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Roger Callard .... NSA Agent (uncredited)

Michael Milhoan .... Russian Driver (uncredited)
Cheryl Moore .... College Geek (uncredited)