11 September 2006

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

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Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

Also Known As:
Bandit, Bandit

Directed by
Hal Needham

Plot description:
Burt Reynolds plays the titular Bandit, a devil-may-care car driver who accepts an offer by a couple if wealthy entrepreneurs to illegally haul 400 cases of beer across state lines for $80,000 cash. Never one to turn down a challenge, Bandit teams up with his trusty partner, Cledus, to drive the tractor trailer, while he plays the role of spoiler, luring the police away from the truck, as they will have to speed the whole way in order to make it in time to claim their money. Along the way, they pick up a spunky bride-to-be (Sally Field) who has just ditched her wedding with Sheriff Buford T. Justice's (Gleason) and hitched a ride with the Bandit. The Sheriff soon becomes obsessed with getting the Bandit, as well as the bride back for his son, doing everything in his power to coerce the law enforcement to try to stop them at every turn. [source: qwipster.net]


Burt Reynolds .... 'Bandit'/Bo Darville

Sally Field .... Carrie/'Frog'
Jerry Reed .... Cledus Snow/'Snowman'
Mike Henry .... Junior Justice
Paul Williams .... Little Enos Burdette
Pat McCormick .... Big Enos Burdette
Jackie Gleason .... Sheriff Buford T. Justice
George Reynolds .... Sheriff George Branford

Macon McCalman .... Mr. B, Tanker Truck Driver
Linda McClure .... Waynette Snow
Susan McIver .... Hot Pants Hilliard
Laura Lizer Sommers .... Little Beaver, Lady Truck Driver (as Laura Lizer)
Michael Mann .... Branford's Deputy
Lamar Jackson .... Sugar Bear, Mechanic
Ronnie Gay .... Georgia State Trooper
Quinnon Sheffield .... Alabama State Trooper
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Warde Q. Butler .... Sheriff (uncredited)

Curtis Credel .... Country (uncredited)
David Donovan .... Teen Car Thief (uncredited)
Ingeborg Kjeldsen .... Foxy Lady (uncredited)
Joe Klecko .... Trucker (uncredited)

Fred Lerner .... Member of M.C. Gang (uncredited)
Mel Pape .... Nude 'Smokey' (uncredited)

Sonny Shroyer .... Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Paul Sorenson .... DOT Inspector (uncredited)
Scott Thomson .... Teen in Coors T-Shirt (uncredited)
Alfie Wise .... Patrolman at Traffic Jam (uncredited)

Hank Worden .... Trucker (uncredited)