11 September 2006

Sleepwalkers (1992)

a special collection of 65 unusual screenshots taken from the movie

Also Known As:
Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Directed by
Mick Garri

Plot outline:
Moments before she kills a policeman with a corncob snatched from a dinner plate, Mary Brady (Alice Krige), a fiend in human form, utters the only witty lines to be heard in "Stephen King's Sleepwalkers." "No vegetables, no dessert!" she growls. "Those are the rules."

The film follows the mayhem wrought by Mary and her son Charles (Brian Krause) when they arrive in the small town of Travis, Ind. Both mother and son are Sleepwalkers, werewolflike creatures condemned to feed on the life force of beautiful young women to stay alive. They are also lovers. Before dispatching her son to find a fresh young victim, Mary entices Charles to slow dance with her to his favorite song, "Sleep Walk" (what else?), the 1959 hit by the Brooklyn guitar duo Santo and Johnny.

"Am I beautiful?" she demands. "You're always beautiful, Mother," he replies. "I'm famished," she reminds him. Pale and gaunt, with glittering eyes and a provocative swivel, Ms. Krige is an all-too-predictable Hollywood incarnation of a Freudian nightmare come to life.

Tanya Robertson (Madchen Amick), the classmate Charles selects to be his next victim, is something of a soulmate. Since Tanya likes to photograph gravestones, what better place for a first date with Charles than the local cemetery? But in the middle of a kiss, he clenches down a bit too hard, and the perfect teen-age romance turns into horror. [source: Stephen Holden, New York Times]

Brian Krause.... Charles Brady
M├Ądchen Amick.... Tanya Robertson
Alice Krige.... Mary Brady
Jim Haynie.... Sheriff Ira
Cindy Pickett.... Mrs. Robertson
Ron Perlman.... Captain Soames
Lyman Ward.... Mr. Don Robertson
Dan Martin.... Andy Simpson
Glenn Shadix.... Mr. Fallows
Cynthia Garris.... Laurie Travis
Monty Bane.... Deputy Horace
John Landis.... Lab Technician
Joe Dante.... Lab Assistant
Stephen King.... Cemetery Caretaker
Clive Barker.... Forensic Tech
Tobe Hooper.... Forensic Tech
Frank Novak.... Deputy Sheriff
Rusty Schwimmer.... Housewife
O. Nicholas Brown.... Officer Wilbur
Richard Penn.... State Policeman
Ernie Lively.... Animal Control Officer
Bojesse Christopher.... Crawford
Lucy Boryer.... Jeanette
Judette Warren.... Carrie
Stuart Charno.... Police Photographer
Karl Bakke.... Policeman
Diane Delano.... Policewoman
Roger Nolan.... Stenta
Joey Aresco.... Victor
Donald Petersen.... Boy with Ear Ache
Hayden Victor.... Little Girl at School Bus
Michael Reid MacKay.... 'Charles' Sleepwalker
Charles Croughwell.... 'Mary' Sleepwalker
Karyn Sercelj.... 'Mary' Sleepwalker
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Norman Fessler.... Theater Manager (uncredited)
Mark Hamill.... Lt. Jennings (uncredited)