11 September 2006

Sirens (1994)

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Sirens (1994)

Directed by
John Duigan

Plot synopsis:
A young Anglican clergyman, Anthony Campion (Hugh Grant), and his somewhat naive wife Estella (Tara Fitzgerald) have recently arrived in Australia from England. At the request of the Bishop, the pair pause in their journey to Campion's new parish to visit artist Norman Lindsay (Sam Neill), whose paintings are threatening to create a scandal at the opening of an upcoming exhibition. They are to attempt to persuade Lindsay to withdraw something called "The Crucified Venus." Once on his estate, however, Tony and Estella find that life is far different from anything they have previously experienced. There are few taboos, and the presence of three young models (Elle MacPherson, Portia De Rossi, and Kate Fischer) begins to exert an influence on the visiting couple. The three ravishing models posing, ironically, as the mythological sirens who lured men to their doom. On the artist's bohemian estate, the minister and his wife are shown a guilt-free Eden-like world where they find their own sexuality awakening. [sources: James Berardinelli, reelviews.net; Steve Rhodes, celebritywonder.com]


Hugh Grant .... Anthony Campion
Tara Fitzgerald .... Estella Campion

Sam Neill .... Norman Lindsay

Elle Macpherson .... Sheela

Portia de Rossi .... Giddy (as Portia De Rossi)
Kate Fischer .... Pru
Pamela Rabe .... Rose Lindsay

Ben Mendelsohn .... Lewis

John Polson .... Tom
Mark Gerber .... Devlin
Julia Stone .... Jane
Ellie MacCarthy .... Honey
Vincent Ball .... Bishop of Sydney
John Duigan .... Earnest Minister
Lexy Murphy .... British Bulldog Girl
Scott Lowe .... Station Master
Bryan Davies .... Barman
Lynne Emanuel .... Barmaid
Kitty Silver .... Pub Woman 1
Carolyn Devlin .... Pub Woman 2
Peter Campbell .... Articulate Drunk