11 September 2006

Simple Plan, A (1998)

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A Simple Plan (1998)

  • Sometimes good people do evil things.
  • Four million dollars and plenty of change.
Plot outline:
The central character is Hank Mitchell (Bill Paxton), who in a narration at the beginning gives us his father's formula for happiness: "A wife he loves. A decent job. Friends and neighbors that like and respect him." His older brother Jacob (Billy Bob Thornton), trapped in a lifetime of dim loneliness, would like to go out with a girl who really liked him, and someday farm the place they grew up on. Jacob's best friend Lou (Brent Briscoe) basically wants to get by, get drunk and hang out. Hank's pregnant wife Sarah (Bridget Fonda) would like enough money so she could plan the week's dinners without checking the coupons in the grocery ads.

All of these dreams seem within reach when the three men stumble across an airplane that has crashed in a nature preserve. On board they find the body of the pilot and a cache of $4 million in bills. "You want to keep it?" Hank asks incredulously. The others do. Soon he does, too. It should be a simple plan to hide the money, wait until spring and divide it among themselves. It's probably drug money, anyway, they tell themselves. Who will know? Who can complain? [source: rogerebert.com]

Directed by

Sam Raimi


Bill Paxton .... Hank Mitchell

Bridget Fonda .... Sarah Mitchell

Billy Bob Thornton .... Jacob Mitchell

Brent Briscoe .... Lou Chambers
Jack Walsh .... Tom Butler

Chelcie Ross .... Sheriff Carl Jenkins
Becky Ann Baker .... Nancy Chambers

Gary Cole .... Neil Baxter
Bob Davis .... FBI Agent Renkins
Peter Syvertsen .... FBI Agent Freemont
Tom Carey .... Dwight Stephanson
John Paxton .... Mr. Schmitt
Marie Mathay .... News Reporter
Paul Magers .... Anchorman
Joan Steffand .... Anchorwoman

Jill Sayre .... Hospital Nurse
Wayne A. Evenson .... Bartender
Timothy Storms .... Drinker
Terry Hempleman .... Dead Pilot
Jay Gjernes .... Bearded Man
Grant Curtis .... Bar Patron
Solomon Abrams .... Bar Patron

Nina Kaczorowski .... Bar Patron
Thomas Boedy .... Priest
Mary Woolever .... Linda
Rhiannon R. Sauers .... Girl on Sled
Christopher Gallus .... Boy on Sled
Eric Cegon .... Tommy
Robert Martin Halverson .... Detective
Roger Watton .... Barber
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Frank Beard .... Funeral Party Member (uncredited)
Dwayne Dahl .... Extra (uncredited)
Randall Gerhart .... Pallbearer (uncredited)
Steven Gilmer .... Funeral Director (uncredited)
John Jaunich .... Extra (uncredited)
Kathy Koenecke .... Waitress at Tippy's (uncredited)
Catherine Pertschi .... Funeral Home Assistant (uncredited)