11 September 2006

Simpatico (1999)

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Simpatico (1999)

Directed by
Matthew Warchus

Tagline: How much can three friends share?

Plot outline:
Bridges plays Lyle Carter, a big-time Kentucky horse racing tycoon with a smeared past. When he was just a young buck he and two of his friends pulled off a racing scam in which they switched a fast horse with a slow horse, bet the 50 to 1 odds and won big. They also took photographs of the racing commissioner having hot, sweaty sex with one of their accomplices so that they can blackmail him should he figure out their scheme.

Now the photographs are in the hands of Vinnie (Nick Nolte), the most hesitant of the three conspirators. He's a drunken sleuth-wannabe and he is pissed off at Lyle for getting him into the whole scam in the first place. He calls Lyle, who is supporting him, to his place in California. When Lyle gets there, Vinnie steals his car and his ticket back to Kentucky and goes there, taking the incriminating photographs with him. His intention: to steal Lyle's wife Rosie (Sharon Stone) away from him.

Lyle finds out about this and sends Vinnie's girlfriend Cicilia (Catherine Keener) off after him. Her dream, conveniently, is to go to the Kentucky Derby and Lyle promises her box seats if she can only persuade Vinnie to give her the photographs. In Kentucky she tries to track him down and runs into the very same commissioner Lyle and Vinnie photographed. [source: filmblather.com]


Nick Nolte .... Vincent Webb

Jeff Bridges .... Lyle Carter

Sharon Stone .... Rosie Carter

Catherine Keener .... Cecilia

Albert Finney .... Simms/Ryan Ames

Shawn Hatosy .... Young Vinnie Webb

Kimberly Williams .... Young Rosie

Liam Waite .... Young Lyle Carter
Whit Crawford .... Jean
Bob Harter .... Louis

Angus T. Jones .... 5-Year-Old Kid
Ken Strunk .... Charlie
Ashley Gutherie .... Kelly
Maria Carretero .... Airport Attendant

Nicole Forester .... Flight Attendant
Joseph Hindy .... Bartender
Loyd Catlett .... Pete, Passenger
Brigitta Simone .... First Class Flight Attendant

Christina Cabot .... Waitress
Mack Dryden .... Rosie's Father
Kristin Knickerbocker .... Becky
Barbara Rossmiesl .... Woman #1 (as Barb Rossmiesl)

Roxana Brusso .... Checkout Girl
Jeannine Corbo .... Ostario Attendant
Malina Moye .... Receptionist
Dan Willoughby .... Official
Kaizaad Kotwal .... Arab Businessman (as Kaizaad Kptwal)
Ayman Elsebaei .... Arab Businessman
Adham Sager .... Arab Businessman
Randy Cohlmia .... Arab Businessman
Trevor Denman .... Race Caller
Alan Buchdahl .... Race Caller (as Allan Bochdahl)