11 September 2006

Signs (2002)

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Signs (2002)

Also Known As:
M. Night Shyamalan's Signs

  • It's Not Like They Didn't Warn Us.
  • The first sign you can't explain. The second sign you can't ignore. The third sign you won't believe.
Plot summary:
In the rural tranquility of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) has made an astounding discovery: giant crop circles have mysteriously appeared in his corn fields overnight, and all the evidence suggests that they are extra-terrestrial in nature. Without warning, these inexplicable signs begin to pop up all over the globe, and the entire human race is suddenly faced with an unparalleled event: aliens from another world may be coming, and no one knows their intentions or abilities. Hess is a reverend who experiences a monumental crisis of faith after the horrific and untimely death of his wife. Believing that there can be no benevolent force looking out for man, he renounces God and turns his back on the church. Embracing fear over hope, he is a pessimist to say the least. Living with Hess are three members of his broken family: his younger brother Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), a failed baseball player whose lack of discipline kept him out of the majors; his son Morgan (Rory Culkin), a young boy afflicted with health problems; and his daughter Bo (Abigail Breslin), a little girl who is curiously paranoid about contaminants in her drinking water. When Hess and his kin are confronted with the threat of an alien invasion, the failures and heartbreak of the family come to the surface in a volatile mixture of blame, guilt, and anger. [source: radio free movies]

Directed by

M. Night Shyamalan


Mel Gibson .... Rev. Graham Hess

Joaquin Phoenix .... Merrill Hess

Rory Culkin .... Morgan Hess
Abigail Breslin .... Bo Hess
Cherry Jones .... Officer Paski

M. Night Shyamalan .... Ray Reddy
Patricia Kalember .... Colleen Hess

Ted Sutton .... SFC Cunningham

Merritt Wever .... Tracey Abernathy, the Pharmacist
Lanny Flaherty .... Mr. Nathan
Marion McCorry .... Mrs. Nathan
Michael Showalter .... Lionel Prichard
Kevin Pires .... Brazilian Birthday Boy

Clifford David .... Columbia University Professor
Rhonda Overby .... Sarah Hughes
Greg Wood .... TV Anchor
Paul L. Nolan .... Mexico City Reporter (voice) (as Paul Nolan)
Ukee Washington .... Off-Screen TV Anchor (voice)
Babita Hariani .... Car Radio Voice (voice)
Adam Way .... Radio Eye Witness (voice)

Angela Eckert .... Soda Commercial Girl
Jose L. Rodriguez .... Radio Host (voice)
Paul Wilson .... Soda Commercial Singer (voice)
Thomas Griffin .... Soda Commercial Singer (voice)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Laura Marie Gustafson .... Brazilian Birthday Party Girl (uncredited)