10 September 2006

Shipping News, The (2001)

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The Shipping News (2001)

Also Known As:
Noeuds et dénouements

Dive Beneath The Surface.
You'll never guess what you'll find inside...

Plot synopsis:
"The Shipping News" is an outstanding adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel by E. Annie Proulx. Telling the story of Quoyle (Spacey), a man with zero self-esteem who loses the wife that was never really his to begin with, the film follows his adventure as he moves his young daughter to the inhospitable climate of Newfoundland. His aunt, played with grim determination by Dame Judi Dench, convinces him that a fresh prospective would do both he and his daughter good. Upon arriving in Newfoundland, the family reestablishes their ancestral home and Quoyle learns the hard lesson of his family's history. Thrown into the mix is a love story between the widow Wavey (Julianne Moore) and Quoyle. Wavey lost her husband at sea and gave birth to a son who was born with a defect due to her grieving (at least that's the story the gossipy town folk like to spread around). [source: movies.about.com]

Directed by
Lasse Hallström


Kevin Spacey .... Quoyle

Julianne Moore .... Wavey Prowse

Judi Dench .... Agnis Hamm

Cate Blanchett .... Petal

Pete Postlethwaite .... Tert Card

Scott Glenn .... Jack Buggit

Rhys Ifans .... Beaufield Nutbeem
Gordon Pinsent .... Billy Pretty

Jason Behr .... Dennis Buggit
Larry Pine .... Bayonet Melville
Jeanetta Arnette .... Silver Melville (as Jeannetta Arnette)

Robert Joy .... EMS Officer
Alyssa Gainer .... Bunny Quoyle
Kaitlyn Gainer .... Bunny Quoyle
Lauren Gainer .... Bunny Quoyle
John Dunsworth .... Guy Quoyle
Anthony Cipriano .... Young Quoyle (7)
Kyle Timothy Smith .... Young Quoyle (12) (as Kyle Smith)
Ken James .... Newspaper Boss
Roman Podhora .... Muscular Man
Luke Fisher .... Barfly
Terry Daly .... Hunky Guy
Gary Levert .... Newspaper Employee
Stephen Morgan .... Bartender Dave
Katherine Moennig .... Grace Moosup
Daniel Kash .... Detective Danzig
Will McAllister .... Herry Prowse
Marc Lawrence .... Cousin Nolan
Kathryn Fraser .... Daycare Mom
Nancy Beatty .... Mavis Bangs
R.D. Reid .... Alvin Yark
Deborah Grover .... Edna Buggit
Jon Whalen .... Big Guy
Nicole Underhay .... Beety Buggit
Emma Taylor-Isherwood .... Young Agnis
Andrew Fowler .... Guy Quoyle (15)
John MacEachern .... Drunken Guy
Jonathan Creaser .... Paramedic