09 September 2006

Shanghai Surprise (1986)

George Harrison on stage (centre)

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Shanghai Surprise (1986)

Tagline: A romantic adventure for the dangerous at heart.

Plot outline:
In 1937, Walter Faraday (Freeman), the Opium King, was one step ahead of the Japanese army invading Shanghai. He had over 1100 pounds of opium to maintain his lifestyle. But because of circumstances and double-crosses too complicated to go into, the opium disappeared and has never resurfaced. One year later, Mr. Burns (Michael Aldridge) and Miss Gloria Tatlock (Madonna), administrators of a charity hospital, are looking for the flowers to use as painkillers for their suffering patients. They recruit Glendon Wasey (Penn) to help them out because of his fluent Chinese and his shady character, since they have to deal with some pretty shady characters in search of the Flowers. They run into baseball-loving gangsters, Imperial concubines, sadistic police, and enough double crosses to kill a vampire at fifty paces. [source: needcoffee.com]

Directed by
Jim Goddard


Sean Penn .... Glendon Wasey

Madonna .... Gloria Tatlock
Paul Freeman .... Walter Faraday
Richard Griffiths .... Willie Tuttle
Philip Sayer .... Justin Kronk

Clyde Kusatsu .... Joe Go
Kay Tong Lim .... Mei Gan
Sonserai Lee .... China Doll
Victor Wong .... Ho Chong
Professor Toru Tanaka .... Yamagani San
Michael Aldridge .... Mr. Burns
Sarah Lam .... China Doll's maid
George She .... Wu Ch'En She
Won Gam Bor .... Rickshaw King
To Chee Kan .... China Doll's Boatman
David Li .... Doorman at Zig-Zag Club
Keith Bonnard .... Maitre d' at Zig-Zag Club
Claire Lutter .... Prostitute
Pamela Yang .... Prostitute
Michael Chow .... Street Barker
Samuel Tsao .... Street Barker

Philip Tan .... Ship's Officer

George Harrison .... Night Club Singer