10 September 2006

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

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Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Also known as:
Shakespeare Enamorado

  • A Comedy About the Greatest Love Story Almost Never Told...
  • Love is the only inspiration.
Plot outline:
A "what if" romantic comedy about a dashing young William Shakespeare discovering that Gwyneth Paltrow is a great cure for writer's block, "Shakepeare in Love" is a sharp, classy, beguiling, endlessly entertaining satire that borrows knowingly from the Bard as it follows his fictional struggle to write a comedy called "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter."

Joseph Fiennes (who plays the queen's lover in "Elizabeth," this winter's other Elizabethan Oscar contender) stars as a brooding, hunky Shakespeare -- a Renaissance Calvin Klein model with ink-stained hands from his endless hours at the quill.

Commissioned to write a low-brow comedy that will fuel a rivalry between two theaters, he's stuck in a rut and winging his way through rehearsals without a script until he meets Viola (Paltrow), a radiant heiress whose passion for poetry and the stage drives her to audition for a role disguised as a man (women were not allowed to act in Elizabethan England).

Viola has been betrothed to the odious but titled Lord Wessex (Colin Firth), but is at heart a romantic, determined to have poetry, adventure and love "like a riot in the heart."

As an engrossing romance blossoms between the playwright and this girl, the perceived tragedy of it all (she's about to be married and he is already) inspires "Romeo and Ethel" to become something different all together, leading to a rash of re-writes, confused actors, dubious producers and one red-faced fiancé. [source: Rob Blackwelder, Splicedwire]

Directed by

John Madden


Joseph Fiennes .... Will Shakespeare

Geoffrey Rush .... Philip Henslowe

Tom Wilkinson .... Hugh Fennyman
Antony Sher .... Dr. Moth
Martin Clunes .... Richard Burbage
Jim Carter .... Ralph Bashford

Judi Dench .... Queen Elizabeth
Mark Williams .... Wabash
Simon Callow .... Tilney
Steve O'Donnell .... Lambert (as Steven O'Donnell)
Tim McMullen .... Frees
Steven Beard .... Makepeace

Gwyneth Paltrow .... Viola De Lesseps
Patrick Barlow .... Will Kempe

Imelda Staunton .... Nurse

Colin Firth .... Lord Wessex
Sandra Reinton .... Rosaline
Bridget McConnell .... Lady in Waiting
Georgie Glen .... Lady in Waiting

Nicholas Boulton .... Henry Condell
Desmond McNamara .... Crier
Barnaby Kay .... Nol
Rupert Farley .... Barman
Adam Barker .... First Auditionee
Joe Roberts .... John Webster
Harry Gostelow .... Second Auditionee
Alan Cody .... Third Auditioneer
Paul Bigley .... Peter

David Curtiz .... John Hemmings
Gregor Truter .... James Hemmings
Simon Day .... First Boatman
Jill Baker .... Lady De Lesseps
Amber Glossop .... Scullery Maid
Robin Davies .... Master Plum
Hywel Simons .... Servant
Nicholas Le Prevost .... Sir Robert De Lesseps

Ben Affleck .... Ned Alleyn
Jason Round .... Actor in Tavern
Timothy Kightley .... Edward Pope
Mark Saban .... Augustine Philips
Bob Barrett .... George Bryan
Roger Morlidge .... James Armitage

Daniel Brocklebank .... Sam Gosse
Roger Frost .... Second Boatman
Rebecca Charles .... Chambermaid
Richard Gold .... Lord in Waiting
Rachel Clarke .... First Whore
Lucy Speed .... Second Whore
Patricia Potter .... Third Whore
John Ramm .... Makepeace's Neighbor
Martin Neeley .... Paris/Lady Montague
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Rupert Everett .... Christopher Marlowe (uncredited)